Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness is a point-and-click adventure originally released for the Sony PS1, back in the year 2001. Here in the port-over for the PC, the game remains largely unchanged…in fact it’s completely unchanged! There are no current settings to alter the sound or music volume. There is also no way to change the mouselook, should you prefer the inverted style. However, there is a very easy-to-use inventory system and the game does come with eight save slots.necronomicon

In Necronomicon, you play the role of a young man on a mission to investigate a mysterious gift that was bestowed upon him by a friend. You must travel around the local town and talk to people to find out what this gift is all about, as well as the impending sense of doom that is overshadowing the entire region. If you are a fan of H. P. Lovecraft and his stories, you will likely enjoy Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness.

thumbnail4There is one issue that gets a bit repetitive, and is somewhat annoying: You move from scene to scene using “still frame” progression; made famous by the PS1 platform. I would recommend to the developer that they bring the title up to date; add modern components to make the experience more fluid and inspired. This would be especially welcome to the Millennials, who may not remember the PS1 as anything more than dad’s “Don’t touch that!” box.

-Chris Roberts-

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