In a world where the plot makes little to no sense, Muffin Knight rises to the occasion all thanks to a packet of yeast and some game developers. In Muffin Knight, you must collect all the muffins.unicorn-poo

Seriously, it’s pretty straightforward, I’m not joking either that is the entire premise of Muffin Knight, it is collect muffins! However things get even more interesting as you play thru and you can change forms from Muffin Knight to Muffin Archer, or my personal favorite a Unicorn who poops rainbows, just like in the squatty potty commercials!muffin_knight5

In this arcade-style platform game, you got to beat down your enemies and rescue the muffins. That is really about it the controls for the game are fairly straight forward and are much like a standard platform game, you also can jump from side to side and it’s easy to control the character; the music is charming as well.

Best of all the game has a co-op mode so you can poop rainbows with a friend as I did.
All in all, It is a game I highly recommend as I really enjoyed it and I know all of you will also, so be sure to check it out on steam!Muffin


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