Mr. NibblesMr. Nibbles is a hamster, and Mr. Nibbles forever is his game. In Mr. Nibbles you play a very tiny hamster who’s nothing but a tasty treat for vicious spiders in his path, as he traverses a deadly labyrinth, one centimeter at a time. This little fellow enjoys tasty treats, jumping really high, dressing up in flashy costumes, and breaking the laws of physics.

There is much to say, yet there is almost nothing to say. Mr. Nibbles is a hamster that can run and jump, and that is all he does (until I fail to make the jump). As I run through the labyrinth I can collect fruit that can be sold in order to spin a wheel of fortune, which will grant one-time bonuses and some skins to unlock.

Mr. Nibbles
The spiders gonna get you!

Aside from getting a really mean and insanely high score, there is not much to be said about the game. Other than that, the vector graphics looks fantastic and the art direction is very well drawn and thought out. I truly adore the attention to detail and wacky skin effects, such as the moonwalker, where Nibbles runs backward to a different beat than the basic music. Costumes are unlocked by doing challenges, such as running a set distance or collecting fruit. The further into the weird labyrinth I went, the more the environment changed.

Mr. Nibbles
Far out man!

The music is fairly enjoyable and straightforward unless you’re a sadistic fool who likes the “Nyan cat” meme. Yes, there is a skin where the pesky hamster farts a rainbow while a terrible beat runs in the background…fair warning! The biggest issue with the game is that there is not much to do, no end goal and no real plot, as far as I can see. This makes this game a brilliant time-killer and ideally something to put on a low-spec laptop when traveling; a game that would work very well and fit right at home on a PS Vita, or another hand-held console. Mr. Nibbles Forever is just that, a game that can go on forever, it’s a prime candidate for getting Steam achievements, however. It works with a controller, which is always a good thing. If only the menu cursor were a bit easier to see and use.

Mr. Nibbles
I told you to run you fool!

Everything is not perfect in the garden though. I came across some bugs around the time this article posted. For example, pressing “A” on the controller too soon at the fortune wheel screws everything up. The only option then is to quit. If you want to check out Mr. Nibbles forever you can find it on Steam!





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