Mothergunship is a game that takes a very unique approach to a genre known as ”Bullet Hell” if you’re unfamiliar with that term allow me to explain to you what it implies. A Hell of a lot of bullets, normally moving at a slow pace that you can visually see and you must navigate them in order to survive while also simultaneously fighting an enemy of a disproportionate size that’s firing them.

That Is the entire premise of a bullet hell game and consequently the entire premise behind Mothergunship as it takes a first-person perspective to a genre that normally focuses on a top-down style of gameplay.Mothergunship gameplay

Mothergunship handles this by giving players the ability to customize and create their own unique weapons to handle the various stages that are thrown at them, being able to build their weapons instead of the standard approach of picking up power-ups to help them handle the onslaught of enemies.

But as the game is a first-person perspective they’ve also worked in a story mode that helps you acquire materials for crafting to create your ideal guns, while also giving you the option to play with a friend in a manner that is both humorous and enjoyable because. Mothergunship’s story focuses more on its comedic story-telling coupled with its unique approach to handling the bullet hell genre of games.

Mothergunship is in a league of its own when it comes to combat due to how different the weapons and crafting system is compared to crafting systems we’ve experienced in games such as Minecraft, and it does force you to min, max what you want in a weapon. But that is only if you want to push what you can design for weapons in the game to an extreme level of absurdity and trust me that is something you would want to do.Building your guns

There is only one criticism I have when it comes to Mothergunship and that it’s the gameplay trumps the narrative since I’m heavily invested into stories I want to know more, I crave more, but the game doesn’t deliver much if not anything at all during the actual stages of the game and instead. We’re left with chapters of the story if you survive the bullet hell and I believe this was probably a part of its design as you cannot really focus on the story while everything is trying to kill you.

As a whole Mothergunship is one of the more unique games I’ve had the pleasure of playing and I’ve enjoyed the game and everything it brings to the table with its unique spin on a classic style of gaming to create something new and enjoyable.

I guess it could even be considered a first-person shooter training game for more narrative-focused games like Borderlands, who knows with how well Mothergunship uses comedic storytelling in its game it might become the new Gearbox.

If you guys want a unique gameplay experience then I highly recommend you check out Mothergunship!


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