Ah, My Little Pony Monopoly, Now you think back to your youth you grew up playing the regular Monopoly and it was the first rage inducer of your childhood besides Mario Kart. It was a game where you or your friends would be the one percent and rule over all of the areas until you sent everyone to the poor house and you laughed at their pitiful remains while they are in crippling debt much like myself!

Now the game is fairly straightforward, you move around the board rolling dice, you buy some properties such as boardwalk and park place and then you pray to God almighty no one gets both of them with a hotel on it, which would ultimately lead you to sell out everything you have and landing you straight into debt!

Like I said the game is pretty straight forward but also such as this there is a huge factor of luck involved where you’ve got to roll the dice and hope for the best it is a casual fun game to play although I am fairly sure there are professionals out there for Monopoly now.

Luck is a huge factor in any traditional format game from rolling the dice to drawing a card. It’s all luck and some minor calculations. The same goes for the My Little Pony Monopoly edition it’s pretty much the same game overall as the normal Monopoly except for the fact that it is themed with ponies from Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbowdash and Rarity, and you can even buy Canterlot if you wanted to and become the Queen of all Equestria or King if your a brony but hey not my place to argue these things.

They really stick very heavily to the theme for this version of Monopoly except for the fact that the Jail and free parking are still pretty much the Jail and free parking. Primarily because they don’t really have any prisons in My Little Pony although they could have totally gone and put a seal of sorts in instead they have opted not to and instead just kept it a simple prison.

This shows a tiny lack of effort on their part in the research department because of the options they had available to them but hey that’s just what I think about the situation.

Like all board game variations of a popular show or franchise, each one has its ups and downs. There are bound to be issues once it hits the mainstream market, luckily it was just those two things, overall it is a nice theme adaption, and if you enjoyed reading my ranting about My Little Pony Monopoly.

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