There once was a man named Bruce Wayne who owned a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and was also named Batman; a real hero. But as it turned out, his latest video game iteration was complete trash on the PC.Mad_Max_Gameplay_Overview_Trailer-mp4-1429805396900_mp4_Still001-1429904983413 Now there was also a man named Max who was quite mad, you see. He also had a PC game…jokingly called the “Australian Simulator”…and let me tell you, despite both games coming from the same publisher, Mad Max is infinitely better than Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC.

Now Mad Max the game is based around the Mad Max movie franchise, following the exploits of well, Max. In the game, besides searching for water, you take out enemies in the most badass way possible; your aim: to steal your car back.

The game itself is made quite well and despite my fairly dated hardware (a first-generation i7 and an Nvidia GTX 590), I am pushing an easy 40 to 60 frames per second from it. Not to mention it’s on high graphics settings for the most part, which is a good show of quality.gameplay-screenshot-2

The visuals for the game are simply breathtaking and leave me wanting more, to the point where I want to buy all the movies. Right now I only know about Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m also really loving the voice acting and menu layout for the game, as it’s easy and straightforward to understand. It doesn’t feel convoluted like a lot of other games out there.

The musical score for the game is simply one of the best I’ve heard in a while; it’s really well done. Those merits alone for me make the game really enjoyable, as do the seamless cut scenes that are shown during gameplay.Mad Max_20150902132048 Although I’m half Australian myself, I’ve never been to the Outback. However, I feel, even in a comical sense, that I’m connecting with my family’s roots. Now despite all the positives, I do have one small negative about the title: side missions can take an awfully long time to complete. If you like time-consuming activities, however, you may actually enjoy this feature! At the end of the day I have nothing better to do, so side missions here I come.

Overall, even if you aren’t a fan of the movies and just want to play a really good game, this would be a good title to pick up. I really recommend checking it out if you find a spare allotment of funds laying around.


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