Lost Brothers is a short narrative game that you can complete in under two hours, and it’s a fairly decent game overall. It breaks from the norms of games having a happy ending which is a bit of a spoiler.Lost Brothers walkie talkie scene

In Lost Brothers, you go camping with your younger brother Sam who ends up missing then it flashes forwards to ten years into the future. And you’re camping by yourself, remembering the good times you had together with your brother. Then all of a sudden, you begin to hear a Walkie-Talkie going off.

Investigating it leads you to discover that there is a woman trapped in a nearby Mineshaft that needs your help, and you jump into action! But soon discover things aren’t always what they appear to be. When you end up trapped in the bottom of the mineshaft as you look for the trapped woman named Samantha, you start to realize that you’re being followed…

During the climax of the story, the game changes its pacing from a simple story-driven narrative to a light survival escape. This change of pace does make it feel forced, and it doesn’t sit well with me. Mushroom Cave

Lost Brothers have a series of smaller puzzles that you have to solve and figure out to navigate through the areas, and the controls are fairly straightforward, with the story prompts coming; only as you navigate through the game world.

There are a variety of smaller bugs, but none of them; are game-breaking bugs, only emersion-breaking, such as the mouse pointer returning after finding a collectible item.Glowing rocks are never a good sign in Lost Brothers

It’s an interesting, narrative game that shows us that not even a game can have a happy ending. That not every story ends with smiles and laughter. There are games out there that make you wonder what really happened and play on the fantasies that lurk in the darkness that Lost Brothers encapsulates pretty well.

In regards to it being a shorter game, it is worth checking out! However, I’m not sure it is worth the price they are asking for of $8.99 USD. It might be a good deal if you picked it up for $2-3 dollars, considering the bugs it has and how short the game is. So next time a Steam sale comes around, it’s worth a quick play-through!

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