Of Guards and Thieves or OGAT as it is commonly referred to is a surprisingly goofy game with various game modes from stealing the loot to surviving a zombie horde. Each is played by someone around the globe. There is even a soccer ball mode (Football for everyone else from around the globe.)

In the stealing mode, you are either the thief or the guard the thief’s goal is to steal an object casually laying around the office or wherever it is being held and the objects are normally in value only to gamers. Such as the cake from Portal 2, the Dovakins helmet, Pizza, and well you get the idea it’s all gamer-related goodies.Of-Guards-And-Thieves_3

Horde more with zombies you are either a zombie or you are once again the guards fighting for your survival if you are a zombie you got to eat the guards and if you are a guard you got to kill the zombie it’s pretty straightforward.

Soccer ball mode is the strangest so far for me as you kick the ball around while also trying to shank the other players and sometimes there are even explosions for no apparent reason.ogat1

As far as early access games go this one is hilariously fun to play alone or with friends and I recommend it to anyone interested in Team Fortress 2, Portal, or anything made by Valve.
Or simply anyone with a good sense of humor that is a casual gaming nerd all the way, if you want to give; of Guard and Thieves a try out you can find it on Steam! It’s free to play!

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