Legend of LegacyThe best place to start with Legend of Legacy is at the beginning, where you can choose between several characters. From those, the one you choose becomes the primary hero of your story. Now I do like this concept and have played a game in the past much similar to this called Saga Frontier. Now that game was a masterpiece; something so beautiful it can only be experienced for yourself.       Legend of Legacy

However, Legend of Legacy is lacking in the masterpiece department. Each character has its own shallow plot line; without the character-building dialog expected in a role-playing game (RPG). I find the game greatly lacking in all its dialog, come to think of it.

At times you can have the characters you didn’t choose join your party. But a lot of them come with only two sentences worth of exposition before they join your party. I find this horrible and soul-crushing, in terms of design. If I may make an example: if you take Tifa from Final Fantasy VII you learn she was Cloud‘s friend growing up, He saved her from their hometown as it burned to the ground and she supported him when he went and joined Soldier.

Dialog in this game is simply limited:

“Hello my name is Bianca. I am searching for clues about my memory loss.”

“Well, Hey I am Liber, the world’s most famous treasure hunter! Yep!”

I mean seriously, this is a legit line of dialog before the character joins your party. In terms of game design, it falls right up there with how I feel about Eterian Odyssey with filling out the map for each area.Legend of Legacy Although the Eterian game made it really annoying after it teaches you a tutorial to figure it all out. It eats away at roughly 15 to 30 minutes just filling out a map.

In this game, however, this map for each area automatically fills out after you explore it, although it’s still just as time-consuming. You can avoid a lot of fights in the game by carefully getting through certain areas.

Another issue I found is with combat. In older RPGs, you can move characters to certain spots to help benefit them in combat. For example, if you put a person in the front row, their attack power is increased but their defense is lowered. If in the back row, their attack is lowered but their defense is raised.Legend of Legacy

They essentially do the same thing in this title, but in a way that’s a bit more tedious, with each placement deciding how the characters will be used for that battle. If you play a character in a guarding stance they will defend the others so they can heal, assuming you planned ahead for that.

Another fault I found with the game is essentially the same issue I had with Final Fantasy II, where you’d level up your weapon skills in lieu of personal stats. There’s simply no other mechanic to keep track of your growth.Legend of Legacy So essentially, take the Final Fantasy II weapon leveling and apply it only to your stats. So if you cast a magic spell your INT could go up! Now take this system and kind of make it random (where there’s no telling how many times you must cast a spell) and hit an enemy with a sword to determine when they will level up.

Is Legend of Legacy good? All I can say is that it looks nice and that the soundtrack is fairly okay. Outside of that, I’m fairly disappointed. Yet again it feels like another cash grab title that lures people in with the promise of something good; only to hand them an expired sandwich that you know is bad but you eat it anyway.

I’m sorry, I just can’t honestly recommend this game. It’s a sin…a sin to good RPG games everywhere.


Legend of Legacy

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