Screenshot_8We have played a lot of sandbox titles from Besiege to Minecraft, and even Polybridge but The Last Leviathan is one we really find enjoyable. Although still early access the Last Leviathan boasts a lot of creative control over making your own ship at sea to do battle with other ships in its creative mode.

Each ship has a ranking of points, these points are calculated by each part used in your ship so it goes without saying the higher the points the bigger the ship! It’s only speculation on my end that this might be used for a multiplayer function, later on, to help balance ships between players. Which I would find really amazing, assuming the developers read this and go “oh wow, we should totally do that!” But I digress.the-last-leviathan_014

One of the issues I have encountered in the game is primarily just the fonts, it feels like the developer didn’t put a lot of thought into the resolutions people use. So on smaller resolution screens the fonts become almost unreadable. Everything else appears to be spot on from the settings to the visuals the game is simply breathtaking in how beautiful the world is that they managed to create.

Although it does take a bit to understand how to build a proper ship, I tried many times and made many ships, and also failed many video attempts to show this off but in the end, it was a complete failure. So there is a learning curve about this game that does come into play. But it’s not so huge to discourage players from playing.y33HI3Q

However when building note that paying attention to the placement of the blocks is vitally important, and I do wish the developers kept a screen display for tips when building. At the top is an undo button but what I need to know at times is simply how do I delete one block without having to open the options menu every time to find out.

the-last-leviathan-real-physical-battles.mp4In conclusion though with the gameplay mechanics and its overall design, I really do enjoy this game title and I am so glad they released it in early access so people can play it also. I do hope they go back and re-work the few things I brought up in this early access look of the game and we look forward to reviewing it once the full game is released.

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