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Killing Floor 2 personal thoughts time! Now Killing Floor 2 is obviously the sequel to Killing Floor and it is actually quite jarring to play compared to the first game.
One thing is that it was made in a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3 with assets from UE4, whereas KF was made in UE2. So graphically it looks much more superior. And luckily it also runs great, which honestly is no surprise since Tripwire Interactive is known for making very well-optimized games, but… unfortunately, it’s not 100% perfect. On my desktop, this game runs fantastically with no problems except that the FOV can be a bit wider than the +125%. But on my laptop, this game runs extremely poorly. I even asked one of my friends that bought the game that has the same model laptop as me how it ran for him, and the same thing… extremely poorly. So the ASUS ROG G750 series don’t run it very well. If you want to see the specs those are the laptops to check out.

Now I’ve put in about 23 hours in it so far and have played on Normal and Hard mode while mostly playing as a medic. Normal mode is the lowest difficulty in the game and it’s both very easy and very hard to beat. It’s easy because it’s got the same formula as KF, killing zeds and earning dosh alongside friends. It’s hard because the boss is extremely bullet-spongy. He sucks, a lot. From a game-design standpoint, he’s a great boss. Multiple attacks like a double machine gun, mustard gas, melee attacks, and life steal, but….. it takes forever to kill him, even on solo. On solo, it can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes to kill him depending on your perk and skill. And if you’re in multiplayer it can take at a minimum about 6 minutes to beat if you have multiple AA12’s on him at all times, and I even had one that lasted over 30 minutes because everyone in my team died before he went into the second form (yellow). So I’m definitely looking forward to more bosses.

At the moment there are only 4 perks in the game, a little surprised to see that the Sharpshooter perk isn’t in the current build, or some kind of pistol perk (gunslinger) because the starting pistol that everyone has is actually extremely good, but never gets used because you would want to use perk weapons.

I mostly played as a medic but I also got a level 1 Bezerker and a level 3 Support. The medical class at the moment is very strange. I got up to level 12 so far and I have been playing alongside my friend who is currently a level 15 support, and we’ve been playing together and doing little solo, and if we played solo we switch to different perks. So right now, the medic is the slowest class to level up due to a few reasons. 1. healing other players only gives 2 EXP per heal, even on that harder difficulties. This can make for a long grind compared to the other classes which would give you around 8-11 EXP per kill with a perk weapon… including the medic class. You now get experience for killing zeds as a medic, but you get more exp for killing rather than healing. This makes it so that you wouldn’t want to heal other players to level up your skill, and you can’t roll an entire round only healing people because you’ll get out-leveled by the rest of your team if they are friends you constantly play with. There is not much incentive to heal when you get more for kills.

Support: The support, like in the first is the perk that specializes in shotguns. So far it’s the best DPS class to go unless you level up Commando to 5 for your first skill. But I don’t have any problems with the Support except for the fact that the starting shotgun is just not really that good. One of the ways this can be fixed is to put penetration on the bullets instead of them stopping at the first thing they hit. It makes a crowd of enemies more of a hassle than just fighting 1v1.
So far, I’m really liking KF2, but I can see how die-hard fans of the first game wouldn’t enjoy KF2. One thing I constantly see in every match I play is that people like to go to a single area on the map and stay there till the trader is open. This was a strategy that was very easy to use in KF but KF2 isn’t designed to be played that way, Areas will quickly be overrun by enemies within a minute, and if you don’t constantly move around to bottleneck enemies, then you’ll find yourself in a bad time. It is doable, but unless you have a great medic on your team, then everyone is going to die very fast.

Now I’ve seen a lot on Reddit, Twitter, Steam forums, KF2 community hub on the EULA, about how it will revoke steam keys for cheaters and griefers. In my opinion, I don’t see this as a bad thing, and I’m not sure why people are making such a fuss about it. They want to make a nice environment for the community and the easiest way to not get your key revoked is to just not be a jerk to people online. I can see how sarcastic humor can be confused with hateful comments, but I’m sure you can talk to the devs in case something like that happens.

So, I have high hopes for KF2, very solid right now, can’t wait for more perks, more guns, and more maps, and I really really can’t wait for a new boss, for the love of god this guy sucks, oh yeah here’s a link to Killing Floor 2 on Steam, you should play it.

-Scott Harris-

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