Do you have arachnophobia? Then do I have the cure for you! I’m kidding, of course. I don’t think, Kill it with Fire will cure your arachnophobia, but you can kill spiders hiding all around a house where you can’t find them! If anything, that will make you feel better! KILL IT WITH FIRE Mission board!

I’ve been playing Kill it with Fire. And I must say it is by far one of the most absurd games I’ve played to date. The game doesn’t have a difficulty mode and is boiled down to its purest essence, a rampage against all things Spiders!

Now I’ll break it down for you. This game is just meant to be fun; there are optional challenges, but that’s the thing they are just optional. In each stage, you are tasked with killing every spider in the building that’s it. It’s pretty straightforward. You go into the building, find the spiders, and kill them. The more spiders you kill and the more challenges you complete, the more items, weapons, and gadgets you unlock.

It should note that some weapons, items, and tools are locked behind other stages; to unlock everything! You need to complete all the challenges in each stage; from my experience, most of the challenges are easy.

Have you ever wanted to hunt down a spider with a colt .45 and exterminate it with extreme prejudice? Well, now you can! All you have to do is unlock the colt .45!There was some collateral damage. Maybe you wanted to burn all spiders to the ground with a Molotov cocktail; or a Lighter and a can of hairspray? That is your God-given right!

There are several stages throughout the game, each with its own optional game mode themed around Halloween and Christmas! So if you’re feeling festive this holiday season, you can kill the spiders with Fire! In Kill it with Fire! All while the Yule logs burn!

Kill It with Fire is just the most absurd spider-killing game. There is nothing pressing or stressful, and honestly. If; you suffer from; arachnophobia, this might help with your fear of spiders. I’m not saying it will. I’m just saying that it might help make your situation a bit easier in learning how to deal with your fears through the extremist measures of over-the-top violence towards all things spider!

Is there anything else you should probably know about Kill it with Fire?Killing Spiders with fire in KILL IT WITH FIRE

I think I summarized it pretty well; It’s fun, and it’s a first-person shooter if; that helps. The music is calming, the controls are really fluid, and there really aren’t any bugs in the game, get it?

Because Spiders aren’t bugs?

I’ll see myself out, but seriously. If; you want something to play, why not play a chill game with no pressure, check out Kill it with Fire!

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