kerbal_space_program_high_res_logo Now I just want to say we are playing the Kerbal Space Program on the Xbox One and from what we can see it’s exactly like the PC port of the title, except it’s now on consoles.

The main goal of the game is as you guessed it set up a space program for your little Kerbals and hopefully return them safely to earth by building different rockets and sending them into space to explore other planets and to try to return home from successful missions with your crew intact.2862020-kerbalspaceprogram-3

Accomplishing this task is no easy feat as the controls are a bit rough to control or at least for me they are. Building the spaceships is generally the best part of the game as you can come up with some wicked designs before launching your little Kerbals to their inevitable death, I mean successful mission, yes that is what I meant a successful mission.kerbal_space_program_desktop_by_timmon26-d66qqlw

Now the music for the game is laid back and sets the tone for a game where you will feel like you are grinding for hours on end. Much like what you would encounter in a massively multiplayer online game. The music isn’t bad, and it’s not good but it’s there to get you into a repetitive mood and it does just that because there is a lot of trial and error involved in the gameplay process.

Growth in the game is fairly straightforward also you just start with a little garage and you keep working your way up until you are exploring the cosmos.kerbal-space-program-10-700x403

I do love the space exploration element of the game as it reminds me of the same kind of exploration in SPORE just not as big as the way SPORE had planned it. The Kerbals themselves are visually amusing as well and I really love their derpy expressions.

Personally, I always wondered about the Kerbal Space Program’s popularity and I can totally understand why people love this title and how it’s ended up getting console ports because of it. The game is good and it’s really enjoyable.

In the end, we can draw the conclusion that the Kerbal Space Program is as good as it is on the PC. But now on the consoles, it’s fun and enjoyable and best of all, it has controller support for people like me. So check it out when you can on the Xbox One or the Play Station 4 as the title is totally worth it.


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