Just Get Through is a platform speed running game where the objective is to get to the exit located on the stage. Easy at first glance but the game presents a lot of issues the most notable issue of the game is that each level is randomly generated much like Ascendant that we reviewed a while back and Steam World Dig in its level design. 2015-08-08_00001 However, unlike Ascendant the stages in Just Get Through can generate a level where you actually cannot win under any conditions forcing you to just go back to the title screen and start all over again. As you progress through the game you can get new unlocks to make your play easier such as extra TNT or extra lives.

The biggest issue with the game besides its randomly generating maps is the color schemes yes the default is gray and that makes it almost impossible to see the traps, and weapons scattered through the level which ultimately leads to your death quite a bit.

On its Daily speed-run at the time of writing this I achieved sixth place out of all the players on Steam which I am quite happy with but at the same time kinda saddened as the other color schemes make it easier to see the traps that you will run into which caused me to die and prevented me from going on.2015-08-09_00002 The game, however, does have an optional color scheme and play modes and those are good features but the fact that you have to unlock them all is the problem for me.

I can understand why they are unlockable and not there right from the start. So the player has something to work towards not unlike Super Hexagon¬†which is just a good game to screw around with. Just Get Through is forcing the player to work harder and longer to unlock all the extra features of the game which then causes not-so-winnable stages to spawn and the painful process of trying to unlock features continues.2015-08-08_00002 The game isn’t perfect and it has a lot of flaws and a few features I wouldn’t like in a game. But that is my taste personally It does have a lot of replay value and is generally entertaining due to its ability to always create something new and a huge variety of game modes. Such as coin mode and sandbox mode besides all those there is a Daily mode that you can participate in and compare your scores to everyone who also did a daily run on Steam.

I think though that my favorite feature of the game is that it has controller support although it is not on by default you can go enable it in the options, none the less the feature is there. In conclusion, it is a fun game with a lot of features and gameplay to keep people interested.



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