Got a chance to play Intruder and despite its tutorial being the most confusing tutorial I’ve ever experienced in any game. I absolutely love Intruder, now jumping right into this if you’re a fan of let’s say Metal Gear Solid and its sneaking missions as a stealth game you will probably love Intruder.

The game is very heavily focused on Stealth missions in a team-based environment, whereas games like Team Fortress 2, Rainbow Six Siege, etc all focus on taking each other out. Intruder focuses solely on the stealth portion of its gameplay.

Guards facing off with Intruders.
Guards facing off with Intruders.

Players are separated into two teams at the very start of the game the “Water” and “Fire” Teams respectfully each team is then forced to focus on a single goal that being attack or defense. One team is the stealth operators and you must sneak into the building, and or a facility and need to accomplish one of several tasks which involve hacking computers, acquiring and securing a briefcase, or taking out all of the enemy team. The second team then needs to prevent you from accomplishing all the aforementioned goals laying traps, sensors, and various other pieces of equipment to hinder your progress or stop you entirely.

Intruder handles things on a rotation basis so no team will always be attacking or defending and each team will need to coordinate their plan of attack in whatever map you’re playing as each match of the game is then handled in a first to three wins with a tiebreaker round if the scores are even.

C4 Explosions going off
C4 Explosions going off

There are various items in Intruder that are scattered around the stages and some that teams even start with, that can help make attacking or defending much easier. If you’re playing as the guards you start each stage with sensors and C4’s so you can lay traps down and set them off if they’re triggered. If you’re playing the intruder you can also acquire bushes to sneak into buildings disguised as well, a bush!

If you’re playing as the Intruder the game will focus heavily on stealth tactics that you should take note of and the tutorial will teach to you. You will learn how to lock-pick to open doors to get into areas and you will take advantage of eavesdropping by crawling through vents to get around undetected and find your various objectives.

Talking about eavesdropping and communicating with your team is crucial to winning. However, the developers of the game know this and everyone’s microphone is an open microphone when you’re speaking. There is NO team that only speaks, so if you’re on the radio or speaking locally. The enemy team will be able to hear you and know what you’re planning so to get around this they have hand signals that only you and your team can hear; knowing how to move around and navigate with hand signals is important for communication, but not really necessary.

Intruder slipping on a banana peel.
The intruder slipping on a banana peel.

Games are hosted by players who run their own Intruder servers so it’s possible to customize your experience such as turning friendly fire on, or keeping it off, and from my experience keeping friendly fire on. As it’s a bit of a pain because players on your team tend to not communicate with each other and because of this I’ve blown up a lot of people on my team with explosives when they trigger my sensors.

Intruder from my time playing it has one wonderful thing going for it right now, and that is its community. Intruder players don’t take themselves seriously and for me, that’s what made the game far more enjoyable than other titles like Rainbow Six, Team Fortress, or even Metal Gear Solid Online.

Intruder facing off against Guards.
Intruder facing off against Guards.

I got to experience the game as a new player with a lot of new players who really just wanted to have fun and even though there could be a big market for this as an E-Sports game, it was the fun I got to have casually with people who don’t mind screwing up that made it WAY more enjoyable!

Intruder saw a chance to break into a market area that has little saturation and for me at least has left a very positive mark with teamwork and cooperation needed to bring victory as you try to break into facilities and buildings to capture objects or take out enemy teams.

The best thing to take away here is that Intruder is a Stealth Operations Game just like Metal Gear Solid’s sneaking missions. It’s a multiplayer game that focuses on teamwork but the community for the most part really enjoys messing around. It takes all aspects of stealth into focus such as remaining undetected, lock-picking, eavesdropping, and searching and secure. If Intruder seems like your kind of game be sure to check it out on Steam it’s worth it!

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