i-am-setsuna-localized-titlecardI am Setsuna, It’s supposed to be the game that surpasses the legendary title Chrono Trigger and from what I have experienced in this game. It does, it’s really good, and it good a really amazing musical score and a beautiful look to it. Okay, that’s the quick version you can stop reading now if you’re lazy.    i-am-setsuna-ps-vita-west

Now if you aren’t lazy, I am Setsuna gives you a lot of interesting choices straight from the start which helps influence how the combat will flow and help you if you have never played a role-playing game in your entire life. With a unique array of enemy monsters as well from a penguin that has giant freaking teeth to a bear plus a bee mixed together. No seriously, a Bear + a Bee literally mixed together as your first boss encounter.iamrelease_610a

Now one of the things I loved about this game is the beautiful cut-scenes it reminds me of a child of light in terms of beauty but is on a scale much higher than Ubisoft’s title. The character design looks like something you would find in a Final Fantasy title but a little more mellowed out to make it blend with the beautiful scenery more. Aiming not to make the character pop with the dynamic background but instead just to make him slightly noticeable in terms of visuals.i-am-setsuna

The music of I am Setsuna, where to get started with this. It’s beautiful enough to get a grown muscular man like the Mountain to cry I would think. It helps set the tone and mood of the game flawlessly in a way that most other games fail to carry out in the modern triple-A game category.

But one of the things I loved the most about the game is the story, and how it all starts off after you have to kill the Bear Bee monster boss creature. You are approached by a man and as a mercenary, you are asked to kill a young girl who just turned eighteen. That’s your job, that’s your mission, I don’t want to go further into it as that is spoiler territory. But you can pretty much rest assured that since Square-Enix produced it, you cannot expect the obvious approaches all the time and if you want spoilers well, there are YouTube videos of that.

setsuna_20Another thing I found enjoyable is how they kept with the standard RPG controls with turn-based gameplay but innovated so little with it, it stands out in a way that is very dynamic and new. In conclusion, though, the game is beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, and amazing. It’s everything I want in a role-playing game to help draw me into the story and its gameplay in a way that makes me fall in love with the genre all over again. It is totally worth buying if you ever get a chance, so check it out on Steam.




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