urlHidden in Plain sight is a PC game meant mainly for having friends over and partying.
Where you and your friends have to play thru stages looking for this that are quite literally hidden in plain sight.

The game takes a lot of interesting elements such as hide or seek and builds a game around them or a simple case of who killed who. In which the players all look the same but have to act and blend in so their friends don’t figure out who they are killing or who they are in the game.

My only problem with the game is the graphics don’t really appeal to me although sometimes simple is better I wish they put more effort into making the game more visually appealing.
The challenges of the game ultimately depend on who you are playing with also if you are playing with a friend who understands the rules and how the game works you can have hours of fun.NinjaParty If you are playing with someone who is just messing around the game remains uninteresting and quite dull at times. Controller support for the game is quite good as it gives you the option to use either controller, keyboard, or mouse I always use the controller personally but that’s just me.

Is it a game worth checking out, heck for the price get some friends over and have fun.
I played with my wife and we both enjoyed ourselves at how fun this game was to play.



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