Hello Neighbor, is showing some real progress and is already a quite fantastic game, if a bit unfinished, being a beta and all. That does not detract from the fun factor. From what little evidence I can gather it takes place in Russia, or at least somewhere like that. Only a lot more twisted, with jagged angles. Though that is purely an aesthetic design choice. Which works in the favor of the game, all to often indie games fall into the trap of attempting to make the game look real, dark, and gritty. Almost all of them fail. There are only so many games with badly cobbled-together 3d assets and survival elements I can take. Ranting aside. Hello Neighbor is a very fun game about hide and seek in a fashion. The person across the road has built himself a massive mansion, one that breaks several zoning laws and gravity as well.

I was rudely awoken room my slumber by an ear-shattering scream from across the street. Where I could spot the broad-shouldered neighbor grunting in exertion as he fell onto the floor. Eventually, the sound stopped. Naturally, my sense of wonder and justice got the better of me. Which is why I have decided to sneak into his house without being caught.

Hello Neighbor is fun and at times quite adrenaline-pumping. Where one of the main selling points is how the man keeps adapting his defenses according to player transgression. Sneak in the front door and he will place a bear trap there next time. Place objects in the way and he will just brush them aside or jump over them. Which sometimes works and other times causes things to crash. It’s a beta after all. Eventually, all of those pesky bugs will be ironed out. I have faith in the developer’s skill to pull this off. Especially since they quite recently patched the game. Now there are several other minor complaints I do have about the game though. That is the lack of settings, such as borderless windowed, and that the controls can be a bit crap. Hold down E to pick up an item, and press the right mouse key to drop the item, some items can be used with the left mouse button. In all honesty, I would suggest having to press E once to interact. One of the first challenges I had after grabbing the crowbar from the trunk of my car, was to figure out how to remove the planks blocking the door. Apparently, I had to aim at the nails, then click in order to remove them. Luckily they did include a tutorial, which also works as the intro.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!
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