maxresdefaulteIn Heckabomb you are a pilot flying thru area’s blowing up asteroids and collecting materials to upgrade your spacecraft. As well as blowing up alien spaceships to collect materials and upgrade your spacecraft.   berzerk_mode

You fight thru various stages to conquer the enemies who destroyed your home world in a bout of revenge. Heckabomb is the doomsday weapon that leads to the end of your home world. Now out in a fight for revenge, you fight back taking the battle to them.

Honestly, though the thing I enjoyed most about this game is its soundtrack possibly one of the best scores for a Shoot’em up game I have ever heard and I absolutely loved the detail in the explosions they went to do. The simple summary is it is like fireworks going off as you blow stuff up.cloudy_space

The only downside about the game is that if you are playing with the controller it takes both joysticks to fly your ship one to fire and the other to navigate and when I first started playing it. I did not realize this and I just got lucky enough to actually get far somehow.

Is this game worth it? I think it is Possibly one of the best Shoot ‘Em ups ever and if you a fan of this genre I highly recommend checking it out.



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