2449470-mgsvgz_ss_bc_title_ps4_2Metal Gear Solid is a hugely popular franchise created by Hideo Kojima of Konami Corporation; at least he was
from Konami until he announced that upon the September release of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, he is leaving the company. Ground Zeroes is a prequel to Phantom Pain, laying the foundation for the latter title and explaining why “Big Boss” went into a coma. The game is incredibly short. I am not joking. The world record now stands at 10 minutes front to back, assuming you skip all cut-scenes and bonus content.maxresdefault

The game costs roughly $15 (USD) or 14 (EUR), depending on where you live. So we ask ourselves: Is this a good price, considering you can speed-run the game in 10 minutes? I think it is. GZ gives you a solid look (pun intended) at what to expect in the next installment while adding story content of its own. Fans of all franchises appreciate having the complete picture, and GZ helps deliver that.

You can see for yourselves how the FOX engine looks. This is thanks in large part to Kojima’s efforts to move the Metal Gear Solid franchise away from console exclusivity.

The game itself has some issues. One is that despite the PC’s Xbox controller having a button layout similar to the PlayStation, the devices act nothing like each other.  You may need a little time to acclimate. Another is that the infamous in-game “rations” have been replaced with a less substantial healing spray for when you get too badly injured.

I am a fanboy of the series, but seeing that healing spray is disappointing; I enjoyed the challenge of having rations and using them sparingly when I fought against Vulcan or Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

There are other subtle changes in this title, as well. Among the more irritating is that there is no audio option on the main menu. My guess was that they just plain forgot when releasing it for the PC platform. However, graphic and resolution options ARE present, should players require them.

a1d367457ad93a20b7d4d3f70b1d63bdUltimately, does the game deliver on the Metal Gear solid experience? Yes, but with a few tweaks needed here and there. But seeing as how Konami is calling the shots, I doubt they will be implemented before Phantom Pain hits market shelves.
And when I say a few things need tweaking, I refer back to the audio options for the PC.



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