Master-Chief-Collection-HeaderHalo is a game franchise that has spawned many sequels like this one The Master Chief Collection! with its diverse storytelling and unique characters. Perhaps the best-known character is the infamous Master Chief, who has been idolized by his global fan base in this, Microsoft’s most successful game series. Now every gamer at some point has encountered Master Chief unless you’re living in a very rural area out in the middle of nowhere. He fights against aliens who threaten your way of life. He strives to save your friends and loved ones in a seemingly endless struggle. He’s also been known to teabag his opponents in multiplayer mode.halo-mcc-halo-2-old-new-comparison-4

My first memories of Halo were back when all the guys would hang out and game all night before Microsoft put restrictions on what you could name yourself in-game. I had never owned a Halo game or an Xbox. Anytime I wanted to play I had to grab my friend who won him in the Xbox Mountain Dew giveaway (lucky bastard). So the new Master Chief Collection is my first experience in a long time with the Halo series, and I absolutely love it.

The collection includes Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4; a lot of which I am still playing due to how long the games are. I had a lot of issues with the initial releases. Although they gave you the option to change the controls, I was young and had problems understanding them. The layout was confusing, and in the Master Chief Collection, the menus are still a bit convoluted (I suspect I’ll be met with criticism for that remark from the Halo fan base).

Once I figured out the menu layouts I set up my persona: Master Chief for multiplayer in the colors of my choosing. I even set up the controls to be more like Borderlands, since I’m more familiar with that franchise than any other.Image3

Once I got to play, it seemed pretty straightforward and I was having a great time. I was curious about some of the button controls and I soon discovered they have a “retro” mode. I can play Halo the way it was released in terms of graphics with a simple push of a button, and upon doing so I felt my age sneak up on me.

Being able to see the remastered look side-by-side with the original put a lot in perspective for me. It’s nice to be able to finally connect and play with my friends who have long loved and played this series.¨

But let’s move on since this is a review after all. The musical composition for these titles has been a fan-favorite for the longest time, and the composers who have worked on it have essentially created a musical masterpiece for the series. 2733510-###00011The game, like many first-person shooters, has a lot of replay value that will eat endless hours of your time; much like Team Fortress 2 and the Battlefield franchise. Not only because of how the mechanics are designed, but also because the multiplayer makes it a game worth playing over and over.

Is the Master Chief Collection living up to the expectations of the fans? Well, I certainly hope so. I wasn’t a fan until recently, and I originally only had hype to go on. But I think it does quite well in its delivery. I recommend you grab a copy if you have the chance and I hope you enjoy it as I have.

The only thing I dislike about the game is the still somewhat convoluted menu layout and how the initial controls always want things to be inverted!

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