560Guilty Gear, the arcade-style fighting franchise, makes its way back in another round of combat insanity. If you have watched Sol Badguy in ScrewAttack’s Death Battle then you know that the shit has hit the fan in this epic series.

Meet Guilty Gear X2; time once again to insert a quarter, pick your fighter, and go to town (minus the putting in the quarter part, unless you are at an arcade and they still have machines set up).Guilty_Gear_Core_Screenshot_Wii_UK_1948

You can play in arcade mode…” campaign mode” if you’re not familiar with retro-terminology…as well as in versus mode. You select from a series of unique characters including Sol Badguy, Bridget, and all the rest. Just a word of warning about Bridget though, she’s actually a “he”. Cross-dressing nuns mess up everyone’s day!

The game offers the unique feature of fighting alongside a partner in two dimensions. One player fights in the background alongside you in the foreground, if that makes sense. Just think of watching a doubles tennis match! Things get a bit harder if your teammate is knocked out though, so be careful of that.bridget-xxhr

Unlike the previous iteration of Guilty Gear on Steam, this one has more detailed graphics and enhanced gameplay; giving players a more arcade-like feel. The game was originally released on Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 2, and other consoles.

All in all isĀ Guilty Gear X2 worth it? With its advanced combat mechanics, updated characters, and deep metagaming, I say “Yes”. As I mentioned in my first Guilty Gear review: If you’re a fan of arcade fighters, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, then this is a game I highly recommend.


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