Grand Theft Auto V I remember the classics growing up Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, and then when things went to third person with Grand Theft Auto 3. That is when things really took off and Rockstar began to get interested in what they were doing with the series.
All of which is really good and really amazing. Through this review, I have focused mainly on the Multiplayer aspects of the game, and I got to say I am really impressed.

Not only do they have a third-person option, like all the previous games, but now they have a first-person option for those who prefer that method of gaming. Although let’s be honest, a lot of very horny teenagers are most likely using the first-person option for hand jobs from the in-game hookers.

A few finer points about Online multiplayer besides the online hookers looming about is the ability to go on heists with friends. This leads to various issues of cyberbullying but keep reading you will get to that section in a bit. During heists, you can enable your microphone and communicate with your team members assuming their microphone is on as well to plan your big score. However, as Kotaku pointed out that just because you can doesn’t mean people will. If you are playing with strangers things will be a lot harder. If you just happen to be playing in the European servers things are even harder than that with a variable mixing pot of different languages such as. Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, and English half the time I couldn’t figure out what people were saying as we were robbing a joint or flying a plane.

Now one of the funner things of Grand Theft Auto online is the ability to steal cars although you cannot steal cars from other players it does make for some entertainment. If you are playing with other players you can ensure your car or if you are like me you can ensure a cheap car and then trick it out. When you drive around either player killing or hunting bounties if they destroy your car they have to payout for the damages. I personally find it very enjoyable when they blow up my car or motorcycle as I can laugh at them getting a bad conduct flag and not getting their daily in-game two thousand dollars for being a good sport.

As well as having to pay out to get my car repaired and replaced. One issue I do have though is with Rockstars micro transaction’s if you don’t get enough in-game money you can buy money through Steam if you have the PC edition to get a lot of in-game money which you can then use to. Buy various motor vehicles as well as weapons giving yourself a distinct advantage over every other player in the game. Summed up the game has a huge pay-to-win vibe in it which is kinda disappointing when you think about it but besides all that there is something else I want to say. Grand Theft Auto has had a very long streak of questionable ethics in a more recent argument regarding Grand Theft Auto V; are the cops racist singling out black characters and killing or beating them senseless for having a darker skin color? The answer is no, and that was debunked. But that still has not stopped people from wailing about the series for being morally corrupt.

While I played Grand Theft Auto online I met a lot of interesting people, some of whom are now my friends and others who have left me with a headache. This leads me to the argument of bad parenting involved in playing this series. Having spent sixty-three hours playing online I have been cursed out, put down, degraded, and have had people try to call me out. Not to mention almost endless swearing and racial slurs and that is not from the computer-controlled AI but from other players.

You see, the game may have a long history and a bad reputation but in the end, it all boils down to who is playing the game. Everyone who was cursing and swearing into their microphones I can pretty much guarantee they are under the age of fourteen and shouldn’t be allowed to play a game with hookers in it until they have at least gone through sex ed and are mature enough to act like adults.The other issue I encountered while playing with this game is Rockstar’s initial treatment of their customers and social club issues for it. When the title first came our way to review, my social club account was locked due to a technical issue with their password system. Despite the problem being easy to solve it took Rockstar two days to rectify it.

In that time I played other games like Ori and the Blind Forest, but nonetheless considering the ease of the problem that would normally take only a brief moment to solve, the company spent quite a while getting around to fixing it.

I was also really disappointed in the lack of control they have over their gaming servers for Grand Theft Auto Online. Players are allowed to toss out racial slurs and belittle and degrade other players who are just trying to have fun and enjoy themselves. I find it horribly disappointing recently Tripwire Interactive has launched an agreement in their terms and conditions for people wanting to play. Whereas if a player cyber bully’s someone they can get permanently banned, and despite this coming with mixed results from some people, I think it is a great idea and something Rockstar should get behind.

If you play online it should say who is talking on the microphone and have a report section to punish players who are cyberbullying. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. And in this case, Rockstar is making no strides to solve these issues at the moment apart from the fact you can turn off your microphone and not hear anyone. But that doesn’t really solve any of the problems.

All in all Grand Theft Auto V is a fun game its story mode is interesting but the true fun is had online. Everything else about the game is great with an amazing soundtrack, hell they even have Styx in there and really amazing mechanics for the best gameplay. The PC edition even tells the player how much memory their graphics card has so that they can fine-tune the graphic settings for optimal gameplay.

Is the game worth getting? Yes, if you haven’t already I recommend you get it! It is a great addition to the Grand Theft Auto series and I can only hope that Rockstar will look into the serious issues and flaws of the game.


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