Ghost on the Shore
The Legends of the Will-O-Wisps!

I got to play Ghost on the Shore, and I have to admit that this game is one of the more unique story-based games that I’ve played in a while, it has excellent voice acting, and the story is extraordinarily well done.

Ghost on the Shore is a short game so if you want something relaxing to play. Then I already recommend this title or even if you’re looking for content to stream Ghost on the Shore is a game I’d recommend!

Now, getting to the heart of the review in Ghost on the Shore you play a young woman named Riley, who wants to find her way in the world and make her own choices in life. Riley; has taken her boat and sailed off into the sea with nothing but the memories of her dog that passed away, a beer, a tape player, and a can of spam!

As she’s traveling her ship is suddenly struck by a massive storm and is then forced to take shelter on an island that doesn’t appear on any maps. But, as disaster is about to befall her she begins to hear the voice of a ghost coming to her, giving her directions and rescuing her boat.

Now that her ship is safe, and the storm is dying down. Riley begins to wonder if she is losing her mind to which the ghost named “Josh” replies. No, you’re not losing your mind. It’s after this, that our story begins to take place on a group of Islands called the Rogue Islands.

Ghost on the Shore conventions
Josh isn’t much of a conversationalist.

Riley decides that while exploring the island she will also try to solve the mystery of who Josh is. and why he is now stuck in her mind and can’t leave.

But, as you walk through the island you begin to realize something is off with Josh; because there are no records of him at all, nothing.

All hope seems lost about finding a way to get rid of Josh. Until you start to discover leads about who he was in old newspaper clippings and find out Josh is the island’s darkest secret. Years after Josh disappeared from the Island they are still trying to cover up his existence of him.

What I love about Ghost on the Shore; is that it’s a game with few resources to tell a story. But it tells a story with such motivations and feeling through simple voice acting, game design, and writing. You’re going to be wondering; constantly about the truth about Josh and who he was.

following the path
That’s a twist, that’s very twisty, play the game to find out why!

Ghost on the Shore nits together so many unique story points from newspaper clippings, and pieces of artwork, scattered around the island.
That you will soon discover during Riley’s adventures, and then use it to tell a fascinating and unique story filled with love, hope, fear, and death.

The story is where Ghost on the Shore shines the brightest, and the gameplay plays a supporting role in helping the story come to life. Its gameplay doesn’t stand out as anything special. It’s simplistic and simple, and it’s very easy to understand. So anyone can pick up Ghost on the Shore and start playing.

There isn’t an abundance of tutorials to guide players into knowing what they need to do the game explains how to interact with the world around you from the very start. Ghost on the Shore is simple in terms of its gameplay. But, there is no fault to be had there.

If you don’t need over-the-top game mechanics don’t add them, they’re not needed, and Ghost on the Shore with its design; executes what it wants flawlessly.

Would I recommend Ghost on the Shore to anyone wanting to play it? Yes, I stated that from the very beginning, and if you love mysteries and enjoy playing games that are interactive stories then I can most assuredly say that Ghost on the Shore is the game for you.

There are so many plot twists that I couldn’t help but embrace my inner Pikachu from Detective Pikachu and go. “That’s a twist, that’s very twisty.” As I kept getting closer to the truth but farther away from the answer, and when you get to the end you learn that it all makes sense together. My hats off to the talented writer who wrote this masterpiece of a game, and I look forward to seeing what the developer comes out with next!

The end of the story Ghost on the Shore
What awaits us all at the end of the road?
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