Freedom Planet is a very evil and hammy megalomaniac who is out to take over the universe and ravage anyone in his path. Meanwhile, a ragtag team of colorful furry misfits sets out to stop his nefarious plot. Which is no easy feat, with three rather dense kingdoms in charge of their home world and their questionable leaders.


Not only is the platforming fun, with several characters to pick from. It also has a fully voice-acted plot. This shows that a mostly female cast still makes the game very enjoyable and fun. Though if you have an aversion to anything furry-related, then you are thought out of luck4. It’s easy to pick up and a breeze to play. Running, jumping, and kicking in foes’ faces, what more could you ask for? It’s a video game. Which includes bosses, powerups, and everything in between, though I wish the running was a bit faster.

Collect all the crystals and hidden collectibles. Play through the various difficulty settings, with each of the playable characters. Speedrunning and a lot of steam achievements. All of this gives Freedom Planet a great deal of repeatability.

1  Fantastic music, which can be bought separately. Catchy and very fitting.

The graphics are for the most part fantastic, highly detailed sprites, with very nice animations. Though the sprite rotation on slopes can be a bit sketchy. But for the most part, the world is bright and colorful, with a lot of imaginative enemies. There is also a metric ton of speed gimmicks and interesting platform elements.5

I came across a couple of bugs, one is that dang rolling boulder, I managed to get over it, then a new spawned and suddenly they were flashing back and forth on the screen. The other one is where it fails to register the Xbox gamepad, until I start, then restart the game. Should something disrupt the gamepad, the game will ignore it completely and revert to the keyboard. Off-screen attacks from bosses have a nasty habit of making no sound.

Personally, I got my version through a Humble Bundle and it is totally worth it. There is also a demo, you remember those right?



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