Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps “Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps-“ is the first part of a visual novel game set in an all-girls missionary school in japan. You follow Suoh Shirahane from her arrival at this school, and in her quest to overcome personal challenges and make friends.

Flowers -Le Volume sur PrintempsSuoh is a very shy, kind, and beautiful girl with a passion for books. Growing up very isolated from other children made her long for friendship. Her choice for joining this school was their friendship program. Where all students will be assigned compatible friends to share dorm rooms with while they live at the school. Suoh tries her best to navigate the social scene to get the friends she desperately wants, which causes her some embarrassment at times. But she learns from these experiences and moves on, and friendships start to blossom in her life. Being around all the different people at school also has some darker sides, and makes memories of her childhood come back to her throughout the story, and you gradually learn more about Suohs past.

Flowers -Le Volume sur PrintempsThe game is a simple “click your way through” story, and will also give you opportunities to make decisions that will have an effect on Suohs life.  So you as a player will determine this girl’s path through her time at the school while you make lifelong decisions and solve mysteries, all while fulfilling the responsibilities as a student.

Flowers is a very pretty game, with wonderful art and also nice background music. They also used voice actors for this game, which makes it even more immersive and interesting to play. If you like anime/manga in a school setting, or you like quality manga art, you might want to give this game a try.

Flowers -Le Volume sur PrintempsPersonally, I enjoyed this game, but in moderate portions. Playing for too long became a little boring for me, it can be a bit slow, but then again Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps  is a visual novel. But I do find myself wondering what is going to happen to Suoh and return to the game to continue her story. I have yet to play many visual novel games, so I cannot compare this to others. But I do enjoy “Flowers”, and I personally would recommend it and feel it is worth buying.

~Ingelin Gridset~

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