We have fought zombies, aliens, giant mushroom-infested controlled nightmares, and even overly religious zealots cults but now prepare yourself as now; you are fighting the plague in Expedition Zero. search for resources

Now it is not the scariest survival horror game; I have played, but it is definitely in the running for one of the most difficult; survival horror games.

In Expedition Zero, you awaken in your cabin and are contacted by a mysterious individual that asks you to visit him upon meeting with him, you discover a plague of something is ravishing the area, so this strange individual tasks you with; finding the cause of the plague.

You venture back home to open a gated area that was locked off that the mysterious individual had access to, and you begin to supply yourself with a gun and a crowbar; then you set to dismantling equipment; that you can use to craft new items.

After you have equipped yourself, you then; must set out in the world of Expedition Zero using your map to traverse areas. Expedition Zero plague infested enemiesThis crafting feature will become a core feature of the game, and you will use your crafting knowledge quite a lot as you try to survive while you search for the cure to the plague.

When you start playing Expedition Zero, the game slowly introduces you to the mechanics of crafting and survival as you progress through the game.

The crafting system lets you build equipment to make getting items much easier for you, but it doesn’t solve all your problems. In some areas, you will start freezing, so you think crafting an internal heater will help keep you warm; however, crafting and equipping your heater then begins to draw more power from your survival suit’s battery.

Now you are forced to choose between the warmth of survival or the light. The light helps you see the creatures you are hunting; or that are; hunting you. I feel; that this; was created; to give a sense of dread to the atmosphere, and I must say it works very well because you can find yourself in an area fighting an enemy and then suddenly! The lights will turn off knowing somewhere in the darkness. There is a plague-infested monster hunting you.Expedition Zero repairing equipment

Expedition Zero has you managing not only; your health, battery, and how warm you are. But it also has you managing; your resources through a very; familiar Resident Evil inventory system. The more you adventure, the more your inventory will fill up. And you have to balance what items are important and what items are non-essential; to your survival and solving the puzzles; that you will encounter during gameplay.

I want to say that Expedition Zero balances the fear of the unknown and the dread of micro-managing well, but I feel that the micro-managing of resources, at times, can take away from the tension the game can bring. When you are more worried about the light turning off rather than a monster that might be ahead, it might make you feel more afraid of not managing your equipment right rather than the threat at hand. That is subjective, and it really; does come down to how you would play a horror survival game.

open areasMy only grievance is that the game does not teach you what enemies are essentially invulnerable and what enemies are vulnerable as early on, you have to fight enemies that are invulnerable. And in doing so, you could end up wasting crucial survival materials, such as bullets, alas, this happened to me, and I wish I had known about this issue sooner.

Conclusively, however, the game is pretty fun and scary and did even manage to give me a fright at some points when enemies started showing up. The puzzles you will encounter are not even that difficult, and the game time is not long and drawn out like some survival horror games; instead, you can beat the game in around four hours or so. I would recommend Expedition Zero as a pretty solid survival horror, and I think it is worth checking out on Steam if you are into that.

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