evil genomeEvil Genome A fiery redhead is shot down over a dirtball of a planet, then proceeds to wake up with no memory and a questionable ai companion. Despite the amnesia, she still kicks ass and takes names, while uncovering a contrived plot with some odd twists and turns.

evil genome

A smooth skill-based combat system, where the character only attacks, or dodge when given input. The transition from kicking to shooting dodging is smooth and very responsive. As enemies and bosses die, loot and experience points are gained. Which unlocks various fancy skills and passive effects, when the gained points are spent within the skill tree. The world itself is littered with pickups hidden here and there, some that can only be reached with specific abilities and upgrades. Lots of items can be sold, giving stats and other benefits as well. Yes, Evil Genome takes a lot of inspiration from other side-scrolling platform games and it works.

Evil Genome looks very nice, especially the character models and it’s very easy to see that they put a lot of effort into them. Which is a stark contrast to the brown, bleak dust bowl of the planet the game takes place on. Small texts of lore and exposition can be found as well. A bunch of minuscule side quests and a truckload of talkative NPC.

Aside from a relentless onslaught of enemies and horrible nasty monsters, there is always a decent challenge to be had, because the evil genome is not shy about throwing big burly bosses in your face.

evil genomeUnfortunately, the voice acting is a bit stiff and definitely very wooden. It’s not too shabby for a localization, just a bit flawed and flat to say the least. The subtitles do have some annoying comma and white space errors, but that’s rather a minor complaint. Other than that, there is more loading than I would like for a game of this nature.

Personally, I feel that the game is a bit heavy-handed in giving the player achievements. Even if there are several in-game rewards. Seriously I got an achievement for watching the intro and one for opening a chest.  Other than that the Chinese dialogue, with English subs, would be a welcoming addition. All in all a solid game, with rough edges soon to be patched out. But it’s not a game I can recommend for most casual players or for people who are very picky about questionable Asian dubbing.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!

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