Epoch_screenshot07In a world decimated by Robots and war much like the terminator franchise comes a Robot who has to save a princess. Battling your way across various stages in the game of EPOCH.
You fight not only for your own survival but also to find and protect the Princess that you fear other robots are after.

During your fights, you can upgrade your equipment and your chassis to become stronger and more powerful and when you thought you were strong enough you unlock hard mode and the other difficulty levels after clearing that mode as well.epoch1

Combat in the game is solid considering that it was designed originally for the Tablet and then ported to the PC where it is a simple swipe-and-fire interface before you duck back behind a piece of concrete. Using the terrain also to your advance to clear out enemy robots that are trying to destroy you and also stop huge bosses.

Is the game worth it, honestly I think it is as it is cheap and kinda fun to play and I recommend it to anyone of all age groups who like robots and shoot’em ups. My only issue with the game is that to find out more about the plot and the story you got to replay stages over and over again and also read a lot, if you want to check Epoch out you can find it on Steam!


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