dyscourseIn Dyscourse your decisions matter as what you choose could work out for the best or they could have consequences of horrific portions like becoming a cannibal and eating one of your fellow colleagues. Like many story-based games what you do in the beginning can have a big outcome later in the game and as such it’s always mindful to think about what you are going to do. A lot of games have done this before notably Telltale games and their walking dead, and A wolf among us.
68df7ee3-6f31-4f9d-8543-b7f0851677c4However, Dyscourse for me has the feeling that I am reading a choose-your-own-adventure novel with how the choices are. A lot of the time the characters you are with give you suggestions on what to do after your horrific plane crash that you somehow managed to survive and from there.

You got to choose the best course of action who do you help? Do you want to chase after it? Do you want to eat that person laying over there because his ribs would look better with BBQ sauce?   31 The game is incredibly enjoyable and has moments for nail biting which I absolutely love the visuals, audio, and everything comes together very well to create one really amazing game that I truly enjoyed and I recommend it to everyone. Unless you don’t want to know what a cannibal is and you want to keep it that way.



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