dungeon soulsDungeon souls, The bodies of slain champions lies before you, with their immortal soul floating above the empty husks below. In order to challenge the dark, dank and dastardly dungeon ahead, one of these poor unfortunate souls has to be resurrected. After that, you have to beat the horde of vicious enemies. Be especially wary of the candy cane snowman and the REDEEMER! Pick wisely, as each hero, if you can call them that, has a unique set of abilities. Such as the ever-so-charming necromancer and his army of disposable skeletons. Or the brutish barbarian, with his overcompensating axe. To succeed and proceed, you must touch the magic spell circles on the floor. But be warned, they will spawn savage monsters straight into your unsuspecting face. However, should you manage to kill and wipe out the enemy, great treasure awaits.

All monsters in Dungeon Souls are loaded with gold and valuable trinkets. dungeon souls Thing stuff that can be used to buy items from that mysterious vanishing vendor. Should you somehow get through the first floor, more vicious levels await, and they will never have the same layout, ever! Even if the pretentious boss baddies tend to stay the same. Every hero and villain will eventually meet their demise. There is a reason why they were dead in the first place. Meanwhile when down in the dungeon, could you gather materials and look for some item recipes? These remnants are very under-equipped and have the worst accuracy ever. Cheers!

dungeon souls

Pick a hero, select a starting skill and start exploring. Dungeon souls are one of those rogue-lite games. Where many things are random and death is permanent. The player-controlled characters are based on the typical d&d (Dungeon & Dragons) stereotypes, along with several unlockable ones. Aim in the direction of an enemy and hit attack, or use spells when they are off cool down.

Eventually, the hero will gain levels where one stat has to be raised. Too bad the game does not pause when these screens are up. Since some enemies spawn out of nowhere or will attack you from outside your vision range. When they die they drop materials and gold, which can be spent on items that give benefits. Though these items need a lot of gold and materials, which will stack up after multiple dungeon dives. Once all of the magic circles on a level are touched, head for the portal in the middle. Stay for too long and a big-ass deadly demon will come to claim the hero. There are a lot of traps that can be triggered, such as rolling boulders, too bad these do not hurt enemies. Aiming is rather terrible and you are more likely to miss and some enemies can’t be outrun at all. Health can be replenished to random potions and by leveling up. Heroes and recipes to unlock, a lot of levels, and several difficulties, make for a lot of replayability.dungeon souls

The marker for the skill selection could use a different color, yellow, yellow, is not very smart. Animations turn weird when ruined against a wall. Music does get a bit boring and enemy attack animations are poorly telegraphed. Most bosses talk too much. Besides that, projectiles are atrocious, so hard to hit anything at all, especially with a gamepad.

dungeon souls

The graphics are made of well-drawn sprites, with a lot of effects all over the place and a crap ton of litter. The music is fairly okay, not much to say about it, very forgettable, but quite fitting.

For people who like these small and charming beat things-up and progress games. Dungeon Souls is not a bad game to pick up.


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