713c4ce7e1adIn DreadOut you start out as a young Asian girl with latent spiritual powers. What started as a simple road trip takes a turn for the worst as you decide to explore an abandoned town in the middle of nowhere.DreadOut 1

Seriously, the creep factor is incredibly high in this game. During the day nothing seems out of place and you can casually explore the village where you are. But the moment night falls hordes of malicious spirits come out to get you. Soon you find yourself stuck in a school fighting for your way out solving various puzzles to try and escape.DreadOut 2

Doing battle with the undead using nothing but your wits and your trusty cellphone camera. Because Ghosts just happen to be weak to a camera flash! Who knew, right?
A few important facts about DreadOut is an Indonesian horror survival game based on traditional well Indonesian horror stories.

In America, you got Jason, Freddy, Leather face, and all the rest but in DreadOut you get the truly scary stuff. Have you ever taken the time to read an Asian horror story before? Maybe read a creepypasta online? DreadOut is kinda like that on its initial playthrough.DreadOut 3

After the first playthrough since it’s mainly jump scares the game gets horribly predictable but that doesn’t take away from the fright factor of the game. Cause like a lot of people you will probably forget some parts anyways and things will get scary again no problem at all.

Another fine point about DreadOut is that Nick Landis from Team Four Stars; Dragon Ball Z abridged series plays the giant pig in act one and not many people realize that. All in all, does DreadOut deliver on the fright factor the answer is yes and I recommend anyone who enjoys a good scare to check it out on steam! I’d write about Act II in DreadOut but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


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