Dracula: The Resurrection is the first in a series of point-and-click adventures centering around Transylvania’s most noted son. In this game, you play the role of one Jonathan Harker, on a journey across Europe to find his beloved wife who has been seduced by Count Dracula.

18178_fullIf you are a fan of the old Sony PS1 adventures, you will enjoy this…since it’s a direct port from that platform! The game provides a simple but convenient inventory system, as well as eight save slots. The storyline is straightforward and easy to navigate; making this game a nice trainer, should you decide to play through the sequels.

ANU_DRAC1.008One thing you have to remember about these retro point-and-clicks however is that they utilize “still frame progression” as you move from one scene to another. This can get annoying, but the developers have graciously added cut scenes here and there to enhance the immersion process.

Overall, is Dracula: The Resurrection worth it? The answer is Yes, as long as you’re planning to play the entire series. It’s always best to start any story from the beginning, naturally. If, however, your budget or disposition allows for only one Dracula game, I’d beg off and play Part 3, for which I will also write a Haven Review. Next up for me though in the Dracula series is Part 2. Check out the review; it just might “turn” you into a fan!

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