Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary follows on the heels of its predecessor…Dracula: The Resurrection. We here continue our Sony PS1-era sojourn into blood and darkness.

RUwKqhOD8-1gq2RsyOybGQYGgbl8E02lMlFIGkthB_QjOOo0d1wxTt-barZrPq0db44=h900Once again, you take the reins as protagonist Jonathan Harker, and I must say that this installment is scarier, more intense, and more interactive than the first game in this series. It seems that your beloved wife has once again been captured by Dracula, along with a special ring that you must procure in hopes of defeating the Transylvanian Count once and for all.

8In Dracula 2, you will explore various locations throughout the city of London. This includes establishments actually owned by Dracula, as well as places frequented by him and his minions. Discovered clues and items form puzzles that must be solved with lateral thinking; this is not a simple “choose your own adventure”. Will you ultimately succeed in saving your wife and securing the ring, while vanquishing Dracula forever? You’ll have to play the game and find out! Or you could just YouTube it.

Is Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary worth it? Yes, it’s a good sequel to a growing series, but is also a great game on its own, should you be in a position to play only one Dracula game at the moment. It left me anxious for Dracula 3, for which I’ll write a Haven Review in a few seconds here…check it out!

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