DOOM Eternal logoSo at long last, I’ve finally sat down and played Doom Eternal despite running into one game-breaking bug along the way. I’ve actually had a really wonderful time playing it and right from the get-go, I’d say if you haven’t played it you should.   The world of DOOM Eternal

But why would I recommend DOOM Eternal this early on in the review?

I’ll tell you why, because it has everything that I admire and love in a game that a lot of games don’t do. That if you need it too, it will hold your hand a bit for newcomers and it will help you learn the game, the controls, and everything you need to do, to become the best DOOM Slayer.

A lot of issues in modern games stem from the fact that it throws the players directly into the game with little to no barring and it’s learning as you go, learning through trial and error and the occasional controller through the monitor.

DOOM Eternal as you progress through the game gives the player a chance to learn a new weapon by taking them to a training room during the stage. Just to help the player be better equipped as the stage progresses, it even gives tips on how to fight certain Demons as you battle your way through the hellscape that is Earth and other planets you visit.

This ability to learn as you go through helpful hints and tutorials makes the game easier for newcomers to the series and I just, absolutely love that approach because of how inclusive it is towards those who want to get into DOOM and have no idea about the game.The castle of DOOM Eternal

Another thing I’ve just loved about DOOM Eternal is the RPG elements are a large improvement from DOOM 2016, finding enhancements for your suit to increase its capabilities, more runes for diversity, and upgrading your health and armor even further.

It’s not Min-Maxing like we’d see in an RPG but it does allow you to enhance your DOOM Slayer further than you could in the previous iteration making him more lethal, and deadlier than you were before.

But I think the thing I enjoyed the most from DOOM Eternal besides, the insane heavy metal soundtrack that will have me thinking about it for days. In the visuals, the game is just non-stop, demon-stomping fun and it’s incredibly gory.

With a lot of gore-based games it’s horror survival, but as always DOOM lets you have fun with it. Not in a horror setting with a dark and foreboding atmosphere but with fun skull-stomping excitement! DOOM Eternal is a game that I just absolutely love and it’s wonderful to know where the series came from to where it is now.RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE

DOOM Eternal is a great continuation of the DOOM Franchise and I for one hope more people will give it a try and RIP AND TEAR THROUGH THE DEMON HORDES.

If you’ve played DOOM 2016 you will know that DOOM is a fast-paced game where you go around shooting Demons, and enjoying those sweet glory kills as you slice them in half, clever their head in two, or just make them explode.

In comparison to the original DOOM games that launched years ago on the PC, Valve was just a fever dream and we used CDs. The design is similar but it retains a new fresher appearance as they’ve continued to bring the DOOM franchise to a modern audience.

DOOM Eternal retains a lot of what made the games then great, and unique and not even by comparison but by its unique approach to handling the gore found in the game.The demons of hell

The only issue I had when I was playing DOOM Eternal is a game-breaking bug that teleported me to the very beginning of the second stage and removed a platform that made it impossible to progress through the story without restarting the level.

But despite that, I was still having a great time, and considering that was the only bug I encountered along the way I would say that Bethesda has taken a lot of care to keep the game up to date and try to fix any issues that show up.

As a whole DOOM Eternal is a very fluid game that is very well built and has a system that would make it easy for new players to want to pick up and play without knowing much of the story from the previous game. DOOM Eternal keeps its core focus on the gameplay rather than the narrative and it pays off as each encounter in the game seamlessly comes together as you progress through the stages.

Combat in DOOM is one of the largest selling points of the series, giving the player a variety of over-the-top, overpowered weapons to RIP AND TEAR through the hordes of demons you face. Starting out you’ve already got your Shotgun equipped and as you progress through the stages you keep picking up more powerful weapons from your assault rifle, even bigger shotgun, chain gun, an energy-powered cross-bow, laser rifle, and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite the BFG or loosely translated if you’re unfamiliar with the lingo BIG FUCKING GUN.More demons of hell in DOOM Eternal

Then if you happen to run out of ammo for any of these weapons besides having the two best guns in the game, your fists, I’m talking about your fists. You also have a chainsaw to literally rip enemies in half where they drop ammo from their tattered remains. Not to mention you also have access to the flame belch which ignites all the enemies on fire and two types of grenades one to freeze and shatter and the other well it’s a grenade you can understand that will blow things.

It’s all these attributes that add to DOOM Eternals uniqueness and charm that makes me love it and it’s for this reason, that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new, or just de-stress after a hard day by gouging the eyes of a demon out, or blowing them up, or ripped them in half, or lobbing an explosive down their throat.

If you want to take a closer look at DOOM Eternal be sure to check it out on Steam.

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