Now first and foremost I played all of Doctor Who: Edge of Time and I love what they can accomplish in VR. Having the Doctor guide me through the world and being essentially a narrative figurehead was actually quite fun. The largest issues, however, were the story and the lack of gameplay it ends up being more of a glorified episode of Doctor Who where you’re essentially playing the Doctor for a brief moment in time. Doctor Who: Edge of Time logo

There are several issues that were plaguing me from the start such as the difficulty of the puzzles in the game to the issues in the narrative.

In Doctor Who: Edge of Time you start out in a laundry mat which let’s face it, is probably in England. You’re playing an unknown gendered character. Then all of a sudden reality itself warps around you and you find yourself in an Alien breeding chamber which also happens to resemble a laundry mat because there are still washers and dryers but pay attention that’s not important.

A message pops up on the television and it’s the Doctor relaying a message to you from across all of time and space and she needs your help. You have to solve a few quick puzzles and when you do you find out she left you her Sonic Screwdriver to help you solve more puzzles later in the story, but let’s face it I totally wielded it like a weapon.

This is where the problems begin you begin the game at this point traveling in her T.A.R.D.I.S that she loaned you and you’re off to see the Universe and by Universe I mean three very small and short stages.Doctor Who: Edge of Time laundry mat

These stages range from dealing with the intergalactic version of Instagram models to being creeped out and finally finishing on a stealth mission plus on rail shooter. The total amount of gameplay can best be summarized by an episode of Doctor Who the game is that short.

Story-wise you’re kept in the dark for a considerable amount of time. The only thing you are told is that you need to gather three “Time Crystals” to help the Doctor create a vortex manipulator which will help her return from the Edge of Time to you. (But considering you’re flying her T.A.R.D.I.S. this raises more questions.)

You eventually find out what is really going on. When you learn all of time and space is being destroyed so it can be rebuilt. And the being behind all of this was the very first lifeform  in all of the existence humbly titled “The First”

The Doctor obviously, isn’t okay with this. But the problem is presented when “The First” knows of the Doctor and how the Gallifreyans created an item that can stop her. So that is why the Doctor has requested your help.

When you reach the end of the game you construct an item to stop “The First” which sends her back to the beginning of time stopping the reality bomb she created and you end up saving all of the reality the Doctor then drops you off at the laundry mat at the very beginning before everything happened to ensure you stop “The First” again.

But this is where I draw the line as it stated that you’re a part of an infinite loop when it clearly isn’t and the writer had to have been sleeping this day or sleep deprived I’m sorry if I’m sounding crass but hear me out as to why it’s not an infinite loop.

In an infinite loop, two things must always happen. In this case, it’s the laundry mat you must always be there.  And the second “The First” must always arrive at that point in time for you to confront and stop her with the Doctors help.

Sounds simple right? But here’s the issue they are neglected

“The First” still retains her memory of being banished to the beginning of time and since she’s an immortal being who can never die she has to live all that time again to get back to that point where you beat her.

At that point in time in which she could think of a way to stop you. The second issue is that you’re human you have a finite life span even if The Doctor kept dropping you off back at the laundry mat so that you will always be there to stop “The First”  

You will eventually decay and die before leaving in your space a void where “The First” remains unimpeded.Doctor Who: Edge of Time TARDIS The narrative of making it an endless loop in time to always defeat “The First” in this context doesn’t work. However, if they were to insert a narrative stating “The First” will have no recollection of this, you can just drop the individual off after the events and they can go on their merry way enjoying the rest of their lives.

Because they were there to defeat “The First” and send her back to the beginning of time in a one-time deal, their existence will always insure that they protect the Universe if they exist in that one single moment.

TLDR; The Doctor vs. Satan is a pretty accurate summary of this game.
If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, Doctor Who: Edge of Time is worth checking out.
A lot of younger fans wouldn’t notice the plot hole in this story so they’ll enjoy it.


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