Divinity Original Sin Is a seriously fun coop RPG experience, that to some degree captures the spirit of tabletop gaming when you argue about the direction of some dialogue. One of the most notable features in this regard is the inclusion of a dialogue duel. If one is faced with a dilemma, such as saving one man or the other man from death. The choice is the players who will survive, but the other player will get a chance to agree or disagree when it comes to the choice, it you reach a stalemate, a game of rock, paper, and scissor occurs. The main character is a source hunter, not a sorcerer, but the source. It makes sense in context and is not a typo. The graphics are wonderfully presented with nice colors and quite distinct locations. All of the unique NPC have very varied and interesting dialogue. Too bad they do not have a good voice aside from that, there are a lot of puns and over-the-top situations all over the place. A special mention goes to the talking clam shell you can throw back into the sea. Being social and a part of the world, interaction with the people will affect the social standing and how people wive the player, choices affect this as well. If the player picks the talent pet pal, social interaction includes odd tidbits of dialogue with animals as well. For a game of this nature, there are some environmental interactions as well, such as flinging barrels, lighting torches, and such. A bit more unique feature is ground effects, which can be canceled with the right element, such as water to get past fire or fire to detonate poison. For one reason or another there are a lot of barrels of water and fire all over the place.

Combat is turn-based and quite simple, the player and the party have action points, an action cost a number of these points and if you skip a turn the points are stacked. Skills are customized and give room for a lot of freedom, other than that they all look flashy and colorful when thrown. However, a book is needed to learn them. Due to the nature of such an RPG with a huge and quite open world, anything not nailed down can be stolen, graves can be robbed, NPCs can be killed and in most cases there are repercussions. or very snide remarks. yet for some reason few care if you somehow ignite a looked wooden door. Keep in mind it is a turn-based RPG, with a two-player coop. With a fair share of grinding, mindless and amusing side quests. evil people, cardboard cut-out villains, aristocratic fools, and spoiled nobles. Zombies, dragons, and such are therefore par for the course, if you want to give Divinity Original Sin a try be sure to check it out on Steam!

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!
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