breakrecordheaderDevil Survivor 2 Record Breaker is a tactical battle game in which the player moves around the map with the other characters in his/her party to battle with demons that have spawned into the world. The player also has the ability to beat the living tar out of some demons and form a contract with them, making them allies in their party. Sound a bit complicated? It’s best to think of it as Pokémon, but with demons.    Devil Survivor 2

Now one of the things I like about this game is its graphic novel elements of how the story is told and overall game progression…where players are given some easy and some complicated answers which ultimately decide the game’s outcome. The voice acting is surprisingly spot-on for this game in its English release, and considering how few games get that right, it makes me quite pleased.

The musical score overall fits flawlessly into Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker with no issues, giving it the atmosphere it deserves. The story is that you visit a website that tells you when and how all the people you are tied to are going to die. I died in a train wreck apparently and then was saved by demons because of my strong will to live. Kinda sucked but eh, who am I to complain? I did a lot in video games!Devil Survivor 2

After you’re rescued by demons, you learn that you need to beat them down to get them onto your team. From there you learn that the entire city is essentially engulfed in demons as well and that everyone is pretty much dying left and right.

It is then up to the friends you made (who also were supposed to die with you earlier) to get to the bottom of this great mystery and find out what is happening. Combat-wise, it’s easy to learn and get into, and it does make progression easier; but it’s extremely time-consuming moving around like you’re in a board game. It’s essentially the reason why I had issues getting into Final Fantasy Tactics.

Spending that much time moving around the map just to pick a fight and then adding a few more extra features kills the mood of the game for me after the initial thirty minutes or so. But the story ultimately makes up for it in the long run, and if you do get into the battles you can do “free battles” so as to not advance the story; just train to beat harder enemies.

Devil Survivor 2 The controls of the game are pretty basic and there is no confusion. However this is not something I would recommend for kids, due to the sexual nature of some of the characters and the whole 32-bit gore. Some parents might find it all super-offensive.

In conclusion, though the game actually is amazingly fun to play (minus the tedious, drawn-out battles I mentioned earlier), it’s totally worth checking out if you ever want to get into it. Story-wise, sorry…I don’t want to spoil too much for the readers out there. So if you are curious, Wiki can fill you in!Survivor

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