Devil May Cry V logoAlright, Devil May Cry V is out, and like a lot of the people out there. I also got a copy, and I absolutely love the game. Jumping right into it, we’ve introduced yet again, to Nero who is Vergil’s son and Dante‘s nephew. Nero as many Devil May Cry fans know is one of the several main characters featured throughout the series but his introduction became far more clear as he was the primary character in Devil May Cry IV.

Through a lot of the game, you play primarily just as Nero switching between the mysterious new character V as they battle wave, after wave, of demons to stop the demon king Urizen from seemingly growing a weird-looking apple, produced from human blood! I’m personally guessing it’s a condensing process much like how diamonds are created. with pressure and heat from carbon. But I am getting distracted here, you want to know more about the gameplay!Devil May Cry V "Who is V?"

Beat the game in seven hours, you can pretty much just power through the entire thing if you story person, but if you’re an achievement hunter looking for every trophy
and achievement in whatever platform you are playing on. Then you really have your work cut out for you. Each character brings its own unique skills and talents to the mix and
the controls for Nero, Dante, and V are a tad bit confusing until you get the hang of it. Nero gives the most options out of all the characters from his unique Devil Breakers, and other functions you unlock as you play through the game.Devil May Cry V this isn't gonna end well

Now since most people already know who Dante is, since he is the main protagonist of the entire Devil May Cry series let’s focus on the one-time-only character for this series V. V is an enigmatic figure who approached Dante before the game’s story kicked off asking Dante to slay Urizen before he completely resurrects, assuring Dante that this would be the fight of his life.

After this, he joins Dante in several battles throughout the entire game as a playable character. V is unique in the fact that unlike Nero or Dante he isn’t physically strong and instead is frail to the point where he uses a cane and lets his own demons fight for him, only stepping in to finish the demons off by stabbing them in the face with his cane and honestly, it’s the most badass thing I’ve ever seen in the Devil May Cry franchise.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward much like the previous incarnations of the Devil May Cry series, you see a demon, you kill the demon! Remembering to dodge and to also rank up your style for higher points at the end of the stage. The controls are kept simple for the most part using a button for melee and another secondary for ranged attacks. I make note of this for anyone who just so happens to be new to the game and wants to just, jump into Devil May Cry V as their first title, to which honestly? You could totally do that, as the game comes with different modes and variations so even a newcomer won’t be overwhelmed.

Devil May Cry V feels solid, and just like everyone else has reported it honestly feels. Capcom has their grove back, between the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry V is magnificent in terms of gameplay. My only real issue with the game was how short it was, and how little content there was given to Dante and Nero, whereas with the older titles you had more variation between the weapons you got to use, which, has now been changed to the characters you play as in lieu of any new devil arms to use.Devil May Cry V best girl

Now I should mention, that there is micro-transaction in Devil May Cry V, however, they are completely optional. It’s for the people with money who just want to take the cheap route and power up by not doing much and not finding blue orbs or purple orbs during the game itself. So if you wanted to just max your life out from the get-go, fucking go for it, dude. If you want to give Nero a Mega Buster where his arm used was, again be my guest. None of the micro-transactions will affect your gameplay and it’s just there to make your life easier and to remove the grinding to get your stats up.Devil May Cry V best girl

Would I recommend this game to anyone wanting to try the Devil May Cry series? I honestly would, and I would even recommend this game as a jumping point as it covers the story in all the previous games as well just to help newcomers. Solid reliable gameplay, but in my opinion, it played it a little safe and some fans would agree, that it paid off for the excellent experience that not only I but many other gamers out there have enjoyed.

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