In Derrick the Deathfin, you take the role of Derrick a Shark with an attitude after his parents were brutally murdered and turned into well-canned shark meat. Cause who eats Tuna anymore am I, right?

Honestly, this is one of the better games I have gotten a chance to play, and the fact that they made the entire game in paper craft is simply amazing and visually amazing as well. The amount of work and effort to even accomplish such a feat is astounding.screenshots_america_north_02_wm_23559.nphd_

The gameplay of it is fairly straight forward some stages are races, others have boss battles in them, and some jump thru a hoop a little sharky. There is no particular order to the stages
but that’s not really a bad thing. Like any game though involving racing, you can always go back and aim to beat your time in it. Controls for the game are simple and easy to understand and best of all it has controller support which is a major win considering when I tried to play this game with the keyboard I ended up getting confused.derrick_the_deathfin-2116442

Summed up though the game is amazing with its lighthearted feel and its papercraft graphics
is the musical score is pretty nice as well all making it come together as a really great game that I would recommend to anyone! So go check out Derrick the Deathfin on steam!



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