Depths of Fear:: Knossos; One of the very first games we reviewed when it was early access falling down into the pit to prove my greatness and slay a mighty minotaur! In this game you go around solving various puzzles and fighting various other creatures along the way or hiding from them I was very good at the second one.1394992257DoFK-6

2014-03-05_00004Until it’s time to confront the mighty Minotaur and slay the beast. The game is quite complicated at times and has given me a run for my money. Even more so at times has it bested me as I fought to slay other beasts around me.

The equipment system in the game has made me question things from time to time finding random pieces of gold laying around only to buy equipment from a really old man who just happens to be down here with me.

I find that the most puzzling of all the things but whatever is needed for plot contrivance.
Before you fight the Minotaur though you have to collect a powerful weapon that you can use to take down the beast and that is the primary aspect of the game and where you end up spending most of the time.

Graphic wise it looks a bit dated but honestly, it adds to its charm making it a lot more fun to play with that classic era of pc gaming feel. Do I recommend the game? It is interesting and it is worth a look I had some fun playing it for a while.



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