Deiland LogoDeiland is a unique game from the creators of Summer in Mara, Chibig. Now I was unfamiliar with this title and I learned it was one of their first titles Summer in Mara being second to it. So I wanted to give this game a try after enjoying myself with their previous title.Deiland Logo space ship

And I must say that Deiland is a fairly unique game with open-combat, survival, and weirdly enough has a feature for accessibility and I’m fairly sure that wasn’t even intended.

In the very beginning of Deiland you are greeted with a wonderfully illustrated cut scene of your character falling from the sky and landing upon the planet, and as the story gets started an individual by the name of Mun from the Space Patrol lands on your planet to teach you the basics of survival.

As she teaches you how to plant trees, hoe fields, and grow the food you strike up a conversation that leads to the discovery of a special Alter after which you’re both attacked by monsters. Combat is fairly straightforward if you see an enemy walk close to it and hit them with your weapon of choices such as your axe, a hoe, or any other tool you might have handy.

Fishing mini gameIt’s pretty straightforward and nothing super difficult which is part of Deiland’s charm as this entire game can be played with a single hand. I found myself sitting at my computer doing everything with my left hand while drinking my coffee with my right. This feature I feel was unintended as Deiland was originally launched on mobile devices and made its way through Kickstarter to the Play Station 4, Steam, and subsequent other releases.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Deiland is just like Summer in Mara is the vibrant world they’ve built, in this game you build and live your life on this tiny little planet growing crops, fighting monsters, and meeting unique characters who visit you. All are brought to life by their unique and colorful art style which makes Deiland stand out from other farming simulations.

Deiland is very simplistic in its design but doesn’t stray away from being unique with its design taking a Super Mario Galaxy-like approach to your world and traversing it as you expand, fight monsters, and survive as you work to solve the mysteries around your planet.Farmining resources

But just like in Summer in Mara the thing about Deiland I enjoyed is just how peaceful it is, how relaxing the game is to play and with how the world is falling apart at the seams and how violent a lot of games are it’s nice and refreshing to play something that is a bit simpler.

Now after playing Deiland I finally understand the easter eggs and references in Summer in Mara too even though I enjoyed Summer in Mara without knowing any of these things, it’s nice to have that cohesion between their games.

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