Cosmic Leap

Despite the vast and infinite size of the universe, the world under my feet feels a bit too small for my taste and can be circled in mere seconds, unless I hit (or get hit by) something dangerous.

Cosmic LeapCosmic Leap is an interesting platform game where the character circles around a planetary object and then proceeds to leap onto the next one in a race to the finish…with some gold coins along the way. The gameplay is simple at times, difficult at others, and well-made overall, despite some minor precision button-pressing in cosmic leaps of faith! Every now and then, new characters can be unlocked in addition to different spacecraft skins. Most of the time this is achieved by leaping onto a bypassing craft somewhere on a given level. However, I’m not sure if these “unlocks” actually affect the gameplay at all.

Sometimes between various levels, cut scenes occur. The goal is quite simple: reach the end, pick up the gold coins and do it as quickly as possible in order to get a delicious 3-star ranking (there are Steam achievements to unlock, after all). The music is decent and very enjoyable. It is the kind of soundtrack one can listen to outside of the game. The sound effects fit the game quite well and make the experience feel coherent and engaging without becoming a pain in the ear. The graphics are composed of squares…a metric ton of squares. The planets are made of squares that are shaped somehow as celestial spheres. The enemies, the characters, and even their spaceships are made of squares. In other words, the art direction is simple and coherent.

Everything looks like it belongs in the same universe. Each level provides new challenges and more things to keep in mind. Since Cosmic Leap is a platform game of sorts, where a failure is an option and the player will die a lot, it’s a very good thing indeed that the game has virtually no loading time. Dying on a level and resetting the game is fast. It’s also very small in size and can probably run on most modern systems. It’s a short, interesting, and enjoyable game. It puts on a decent, but not hair-pulling challenge, sprinkled with some quirky humor. The only thing that annoyed me a bit is that since everything is so small, it’s very hard to see, if you want to check out Cosmic Leap you can find it on Steam!

Cosmic Leap

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