maxresdefaultsThe United States Coast Guard (USCG) defends freedom and liberty over the seas and protects its borders. The same holds true for other countries and say what you will, they are good at doing their job. I speak from experience in this case because my mother and brother both serve in the Coast Guard.

When I saw a game depicting the USCG I jumped at the chance to review such a title and honestly, I am pretty disappointed. First and foremost, they don’t give the Coast Guard in the game a proper nation and second, there are just so many bugs in the game.

It feels rushed and cheaply made with horrible mechanics that really mess up the overall game-play experience. The first issue I had with the game was the actual dialog. It feels forced at times and the story overall feels very weak. The second issue I had was with the mechanics relating to object interaction. You have to open your backpack and select the item you want to use, as well as the object it should be used on. It quite literally took me 5+ minutes just to get one thing working properly. I know I recorded a video of me playing for everyone’s sake, and it’s pretty disappointing.Image835-585x300

However, I will say this: the music for the game and the voice acting is incredibly good, and I am very happy about that. I also loved the easter eggs they through in. It took me a minute to recognize the sound but it’s a retro-styled Doctor Who theme that plays in the ship that you are on.

I loved how the ship would flow in the ocean as well, but its overall speed (especially for these kinds of vessels) is horribly slow and I feel that they did not research enough for the vessels they used in the game. The ship itself has very little in common with actual Coast Guard vessels, at least in comparison to the USCG. I’ve actually been on board a real ship and partied with the people there. The ships are quite huge, both in width and length. At one point in the game, you can freely explore your ship and I am so disappointed with the inaccuracies.

hamilton2Yes, I know they’re trying to make a game based on the Coast Guard, but when you don’t put enough effort into your research and don’t go the extra mile it shows in the quality of the work. I think though the most notorious issue I had in the game was when I was at the very back of the ship exploring. When a wave came along, it pushed the vessel up to the point where I was touching the water. That would send me back to the captain’s chair, which means I had to go back and explore the ship all over again. At one point it just started doing it randomly!

So long story short, is this game worth checking out? Honestly no, it’s not. I wouldn’t recommend it. Not because of its inaccuracies, but because of how extremely buggy it is.

Anyway here is the video. Feel free to enjoy and I apologize for the low volume; my microphone was acting up.Coast


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