Call of Duty, now I’ve never been fond of Call of Duty but with Warzone going FTP and by extension me really enjoying my experiences in it. I figured I’d give the main game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a try and to say the least, it really messed me up.

I can’t tell what part messed me up the most, was it the kids watching their mother and father die right in front of them? The civilian being blown to kingdom come with C4s strapped to his chest in the middle of London?Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Russian Soldiers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes some of the most gruesome expected wartime scenarios and brings them to life for a family like my own who’s all served in or worked in the military. This is something they’ve actively worried about for a long time and for others it would trigger their PTSD because this is so close to the real thing it affects them.

Despite the game’s intentions of bringing the action the series is best known for it does have some issues with its fictional way of fighting to some degree with the added adaption of the Warzone the Call of Duty Multiplayer Battle Royale it brings all its equipment and gear from the main game and lets over a hundred and fifty players duke it out for whatever Warzone accommodates for their chicken dinner.

That’s not to say the game isn’t enjoyable but it lacks for one, stable servers that aren’t experiencing packet loss due to the large influx of players also it requires balancing of the game’s mechanics. Such as every competitive game that comes into play a “meta” game is born and from that the competitive edge of gameplay.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare team of soldiers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone holds nothing back with little balance with players able to unlock equipment through play in separate game modes such as multiplayer giving players who play more in the paid version of the game an unfair advantage over those who don’t have that. This is just one of the several issues that plague the game’s multiplayer functions that require addressing in my opinion competitive play.

There is a lot to offer for the paid version of the game with playable arena-style maps and weekly playlists to help players experience the game’s competitive edge. The campaign also brings to life a lot of the game’s progressing story against Russia, terrorist groups, and many other situations so close to real life that it can mess with people who’s served in the Military and suffer from PTSD. But the main campaign is really short to the point where most people can beat it in just a few hours.

Everything worth its time comes from its multiplayer features and to it if you bought the game you have a large advantage over other players who play the game as you can customize your personal equipment such as weapon load-outs much easier due to multiplayer allowing quick growth in regards to their unlocks.Warzone Victory

The game is fun, it’s enjoyable and it’s addictive, the same fine-tuned mechanics for combat carry over from the main story through to the online competitive gameplay adding smooth interactions and balanced combat with the exception if you’ve unlocked everything for your weapons.

In comparison to other games, we’ve played such as Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. Call of Duty Modern WarfareWarzone” has everything going for it with its micro-transactions to support the company and the game being free to play so everyone can enjoy it. The game has the most fluid combat design out of all the current Battle Royales between transitioning to weapons, and getting into a vehicle Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “Warzone” is probably, in my opinion, the most well build Battle Royale title out in the market to date and if you want to get in on the competitive action go for it.

Just take note you’ll be at a disadvantage and if you want to play it seriously I would recommend buying the full game. The main story is really short, but the benefits of multiplayer are wondrous and a great experience.

Also, I have yet to find a screaming twelve-year-old in my head, who claimed they slept with my mother so it seems they finally fixed that issue! If you want to check out our team here at Gamers-Haven playing some check it out at the link below!


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