Brukel is an interesting Indie game as it’s based on a true story from the perspective of the developer’s 92-year-old grandmother. It’s an indie game developed in the Unreal engine and I will say that it has a lot of rough points to it. It’s not a visually intensive game or even a visually appealing game. But it has a heart and that’s what attracted me to it.Brukel farmhouse

So if you’re coming here looking for “DOOM” level quality in the development of this title it’s not going to be there. But I would like to say it’s still worth playing.

Brukel is a game that focuses heavily on its narrative because that is what it’s about his grandmother’s stories from World War II and what it was like living in the Brukel farmhouse during that time of war.Brukel doll

The game is broken up into several chapters the first chapter being the slowest chapter because the character you play as is hard set to the pace of a snail. But much to my delight I’ve been told it will be addressed so I’m not counting it against the developer and please don’t let that put you off from trying it out.

During chapter one you take photos from around the home she grew up in and listen to audio recordings of her stories, so if you enjoy listening to stories all the more power to you. The main objective is to just get a feel for what it was like living there setting the scene for what’s to come.

As you begin to leave after collecting photos you’re thrown into a sequence of sorts where you’re then forced to relive everything she went through as the British and German soldiers fought at her front door.

The feels dread and fear of not knowing what’s going to happen to her family as shooting breaks out and people take over her home. It really helps paint a picture of what it was like during those times of war for people like us.

It’s true, at times we can’t imagine what it’s like to be a child during times of war, and we have that luxury of sitting behind a computer desk and talking about games such as this with everyone. We really do have it easy with our modern-day luxuries and it’s why I enjoyed this game.

Bruker gives us an insight into a time gone past where we don’t have to worry about that fear of what she went through and so it’s why I recommend this game to everyone if anything it just gives you a bit more insight and tries to do it in a way that gamers can appreciate.

Be sure to check out Brukel on Steam, and IndieDB, and it should be noted that it’s won several awards!
(This means I misspoke in my YouTube video so, umm, ignore me in that regard.)

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