Breathedge logoThere aren’t many Indie game titles I am generally excited about; they have to do something really special to even capture my interest. However, Breathedge manages to pull it off with their trailer and since it captivated me I figured I would have to investigate further and I won’t lie; I wasn’t disappointed. I have absolutely loved the game and despite it only being on chapter one so far and in early access, the game is definitely something for me to write about.Breathedge

You start off the game by being dragged down a long corridor by a pair of mechanical arms leading up to two mobsters, while this is going on the credits are worth reading and I won’t lie I didn’t notice them the first time and was mistaking this for a serious game; I soon learned, however, it is not, as you are soon met by the two mobsters who just happen to be AI controlled coffins with arms one of which who lights a cigarette and you are given the prompt if you want to censor it because cigarettes are bad, and it is then replaced by a carrot if you so desire.

Breathedge fatalityThis, just happens to be the first thirty seconds of the game and it sets the tone for this survival game pretty well in terms of hilarity; they then ask you to retell your story up to the point of you being captured and that’s where you take over playing through trying to survive by crafting food in space after your space ship which happens to be transporting a fair amount of dead people and other cargo blows up all of a sudden leaving you with little supplies and he needs to gather them so you can make your way through the wreckage and to a rescue ship that’s waiting for you.

In a lot of survival games, it forces you to think and plan your resources so you don’t die as quickly as the game would want you to, and it entertains you with antidotes about other passengers and things that are happening around on with little AI built into your suit so you are interested in finishing it.Out in space in Breathedge

Not to mention a woman who keeps messaging you throughout the entire endeavor claiming to be another survivor like yourself who tries cheering you on with her huge breasts perturbing from her bra. The Breathedge as a whole has kept me amused, and entertained with the first chapter being beaten by other players in a record of three hours while I am still playing around just casually goofing off listening, and exploring everything around me.Collecting dead bodies in Breathedge.

Despite the game being early access the title has a lot of other game modes to it giving players the ability to
free roam to prevent dying so you can just enjoy the work they have put into it, a nice mark of quality from my perspective.

The game despite as I said earlier being three hours in gameplay honestly; is worth it to me knowing that it’s early access and there will be more to come. That and seeing how much effort they have put into the title already, I am really pleased with how it is, I also find it pretty funny what you can do with a chicken in space but I’ll leave that for my funny videos, and other players to show you, well that and the game trailer.

If you guys want to play a survival game that is still early access and wants to enjoy the comic mischief they have instilled into it then I recommend you pick up Breathedge on Steam! It’s worth it!

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