Biomutant logoBiomutant is a game that has spent about five years in development with it being spoken about in hushed tones as we waited for word on this game. Its trailer captivated us from the moment of its announcement and a silent excitement built between all of us gamers.

Biomutant Childhood Village
Biomutant Childhood Village

Then it’s released and honestly, it’s everything we wanted! I’ve been playing it for days long enough I feel to tell everyone what I think of Biomutant and all the fun I am having. I only have one negative thing to say about it and even that is being addressed in the first patch they just announced for it!

Jumping into Biomutant I was given several options in regard to gameplay that I wasn’t expecting the first was character design. Since is a character-based role-playing game (RPG) I was given the option to customize my character’s stats, Strength, Vitality, Luck, Charisma, etc all of these stats were even given an explanation about what they’re for in the story. So even if you’re unfamiliar with the premise of stat-based role-playing games it will help you understand.

Character Customization
Character Customization

The next attribute it lets you customize is your genetic ability to withstand harsh environments which arguably they don’t explain and it’s something you get to experience as you’re adventuring in the open world. These attributes can also be upgraded over time as you play the game so long-term gameplay it’s not like it will have an overall impact on performance.

You’re given the option to customize what character you will have nothing major or over the top and no gender selection. You’re just different species of furry woodland creatures and choosing their color scheme. I went with a squirrel-rabbit hybrid-looking character.

As Biomutant’s story begins we are then tasked with a choice that will help develop the narrative of the game it’s these choices that help define you and choose the path you walk on. Will you do good, or will you do bad? Biomutant reminds us that our choices have consequences and these choices will affect story progression and help develop your character.

It awards “Psi” points based on your choices that can be used to unlock abilities for your character as well aside from helping advance the game’s narrative. A Yin and Yang to your character if you choose to do bad things your character will advance more towards the darker narrative; if you choose to do good you will get a lighter narrative.

Speaking of narrative this is the ONLY thing I hate about Biomutant and is the thing being addressed in the very first patch. The game’s narrator will narrate every, single, thing, and it becomes so irritating after a while as it breaks the immersion in the game. Yes, Mr. Narrator I know I just picked up a piece of wood, Yes Mr. Narrator I’m well aware that hitting an enemy will kill them.What faction will you join to progress the story? Adding more to the narrative of Biomutant the game gives us options to join factions which will also develop the story further as after the first mission the game’s main plot is introduced with these factions to help move the story along.

The plot is pretty straightforward forward with us having to choose between saving or destroying the tree of life for the world that one of our childhood friends helped to grow and nurture for his entire life. These factions decide what will happen to the tree of life. Will we let the four main monsters of the game called “World-Eaters” Destroy the tree, or will we defeat them and help protect the tree of life?

Biomutant is a game filled with choices, choices that we make and that will decide the outcome of the story. Even if some of the choices are strange ones such as dismantling a toilet brush to create a new “legendary” weapon out of its parts and no I am not just saying that.

The game crafting system called “upcycling” lets us dismantle items found throughout the world to help create new and better gear so we can fight monsters and other species as we try to forge our path for the game’s story and its really intricate and somewhat easy to learn.

Biomutant World Eater
Biomutant World Eater

As a whole Biomutant is a marvelous role-playing game (RPG) that speaks volumes about a lot of today’s environmental issues and yes the whole premise of Biomutant is based on environmental issues and the impact it has on wildlife, etc. It reminds us to take care of the things we have in life our friends, and our families and cherish the time we’re given, and look out for the land we live on for future generations.

Biomutant is a game that touches on so many topics with a fairly well-written story and one little annoying cricket narrator and it’s a game I have no problem recommending this game, even more, so that THQ Nordic didn’t rush their title and instead made sure it was absolutely breathtaking upon its release.

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