Bigfoot TotemsThere are many creatures out there that we don’t talk about in casual conversation. Mainly because we don’t think they truly exist without any sort of documentation.
The Lock Ness Monster, Bigfoot, that thing that lives in my septic tank named Steve. But when a game is made around one of them it’s our duty to try and catch it or kill it and carve it up for science and that is what Big Foot is about. Bigfoot as the name explains is primarily focused on the legend around the mythical creature.

Bigfoot the game is about hunting the mythical beast after several visitors to a park have gone missing it’s our duty to hunt the creature down and take it out with extreme prejudice but since it’s a mythical creature the only tools you have are what hunting equipment you bring with you.

Going after Bigfoot is challenging because you’re hunting and fighting a creature that by comparative size dwarfs you in every single way including but not limited to strength, intelligence, and sheer height. The game is very unforgiving as well since the media doesn’t believe he exists you can only use what a hunter would. Your job in the game is to hunt Bigfoot as a hunter or team of hunters because it has a multiplayer function. You’re limited to bolt-action hunting rifles, flare guns, cartoonishly large bear traps you can place meat in, and also a knife. Bigfoot at the campsite

Playing through Bigfoot is pretty challenging it’s safe to say that my friends and I haven’t even caught him yet. His sheer size and durability mean dealing damage to him with the hunting rifle only does a small fraction of his overall health. Leaving players dazed and confused as to how to combat this beast.

The best solution we’ve learned so far is to capture him in bear traps and stab him with your hunting knife because he runs away from you keeping a trap close by to lure him as he charges toward you. Bigfoot is not a game you can hope to have a quick play-through of and it ends up being a campaign against the creature as you try to outwit the beast through tricks and traps. I highly recommend bringing your friends along for the fight to try and bring down the creature.

The biggest issue with fighting Bigfoot is that the creature learns and adapts to your strategies and because of this, it becomes much more challenging to face as a group. The game does prepare you and aims to help you by scattering resources through the map in the hopes to help players who are having a hard time fighting the beast.

Considering that Bigfoot is early access right now in the Steam store means that it’s still in development and we can only hope that they will adjust the damage accordingly. My biggest fault in Bigfoot is that they try to stretch the gameplay by giving the game a massive difficulty that for most players would be discouraging.

But if you got the time, and you got a few dollars I recommend picking up Bigfoot on steam as a good party game and time kill with friends.
Maybe your team of friends will do what my team and I cannot and actually kill the creature!

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