Battleplan: American Civil War
Battleplan: American Civil War is a tabletop skirmish simulator, loosely based on the major battles of the War Between the States. In Battleplan, you have a strategic simulation; there is no tactical combat here.

Battleplan: American Civil WarYou play the role of a Field Marshal who sets up shop just outside the range of battle. You then send orders via messenger to your ground troops, so they may overtake and capture 3 important command centers.

If you capture all 3 centers, you win the battle. If you capture 0, you lose the battle. If you capture exactly 1 or 2, the skirmish ends in a draw!

Battleplan: American Civil WarIs this enough to warrant a purchase? Well, if you are a history buff or a fan of pure strategy with absolutely no tactics, this is the game for you. The best part of the game for me is that there are 95 Steam achievements, so if you’re an achievement hunter it will give you something to do, which helps to boost my overall impression, if you want to check Battleplan: American Civil War out you can find it on Steam!

The only suggestion I would give to the developer is to add a little TLC to any eventual DLC, with the “T”…being Tactics.

-Chris Roberts-

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